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Panasonic AG-DVX100E DVX100

  PAL  Mini-DV Cameras/recorder  

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Introducing the Ultimate Handheld Camera for Video Professionals


Panasonic created the AG-DVX100 with a single goal in mind:

  • To provide the ultimate handheld recording tool for video professionals.

  • A well balanced, lightweight DV camera, the AG-DVX100 represents the crystallization of decades of

    advanced Panasonic video technology.

  • it responds to today's professional broadcasting needs with a wide-angle lens and high sensitivity.

  • It delivers the finest image quality in its class. Its manual-oriented controls are designed to satisfy professionals.

  • And with features like the 25P ( PAL) Cine-like mode and IEEE 1394 interface, the AG-DVX100

     is ready for the next generation of visual production.


  • The AG-DVX100 packs all this performance and versatility into a conveniently small, perfectly balanced body that

    weighs only 1.8 kg in full operating condition.*

  • With the AG-DVX100. Panasonic proudly presents a video camera that excels in every  aspect of news gathering,

    wedding, live event coverage, video production, and filmmaking.

It's the ultimate handheld camera for professionals.


Best-of-Class Performance Innovative DV Camera with Superior Image Quality and 24P Shooting
  • The AG-DVX100 is a new-concept DV camera/recorder designed for professionals.
  • A newly developed 1/3" 470,000-pixel progressive 3-CCD imager achieves levels of picture quality and sensitivity that

     approach broadcast cameras.

  • The AGDVX100 is the first in its class to include 24 or 25fps film-like shooting mode in progressive images.
  • Offering high mobility, the AG-DVX100 is ideal for events and DVD and streaming media programming and an invaluable creative tool for video journalism and movie and television production.
  • Also boasting the superb mobility that distinguishes the DV camera, the AG-DVX100 is ideal for news gathering, DVD and streaming media production, as a second camera in film production, and other professional uses.

Best-of-Class Picture Quality and Sensitivity
  • 3-CCD RGB system with newly-developed 1/3" 470,000-pixel interlace/progressive CCDs
  • Top picture quality in its class: High resolution and S/N ratio, low smear and flare
  • Highest sensitivity in its class: F11 with minimum illumination below 3 lux

World's First 25p Mode and Cine-Like Gamma A Handheld Camera for Making Film-Like Video Productions

  • The AG-DVX100 is the world's first handheld camera with cinematic specifications.

  • With its 25p mode and cine-like gammacurve, the AG-DVX100 lets you produce video images that closely replicate

    the look of film images.

  • The AG-DVX100 is a revolutionary tool for indie filmmakers and anyone who produces short movies or streaming

    video  for online use.

  •  World's First Handheld DV Camera with 25p (PAL), 24p ( NTSC) Shooting Mode*

    The AG-DVX100 provides two shooting modes: 25p (25 fps, progressive) and standard 50i (50 fps, interlace).

    In 25p mode, the AG-DVX100 gives images and  motions a film-like  effect they look very much like the images and motions of conventional  24fps film.

    The 25p images are split into two frames and recorded onto tape in the standard 50i TV format.

  • They can be played back with an ordinary DV VTR and TV monitor and edited with a DV system.

Functions and specifications for professional use

  • 2-channel XLR audio input (line/mic switchable) with +48V phantom power supply
  • Large manual audio volume controls (CH1/CH2 independent)
  • Servo/Manual zoom on lens portion
  • Auto/Manual focus and iris control
  • Two optical ND filters
  • Wide-angle lens: F32.5 to 325 (35mm conversion) Leica Dicomar lens
  • IEEE 1394 terminal for non-linear production and digital dubbing

Superb Mobility, Easy Operation

  • Weight of 1.83 kg with battery and cassette , in operating mode
  • Large EVF: Easy to see when shooting at any angle
  • Large, easy-to-see 3.5" high-resolution LCD color monitor
  • DV (IEEE1394) digital interface for transfer of digital video into PC-based NLE systems

* Cine-like Images with a film like quality


AG-DVX100 Bundled Standard Accessories

 Eye Cup
 AC Adapter
 Wireless Remote Control Unit
 Cleaning tape
 DC Cable
 AC Cable
 Shoulder Strap
 Microphone Holder
 Lens Hood


                       Optional Accessories


AC Adapter Kit


Hard Carry Case


Wide Conversion Lens


16:9 Conversion Lens


XLR Microphone


Soft Carry Case

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