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Panasonic AJ-SD93E
DVCPRO50 Digital Video Cassette Recorder
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New Product


DVCPRO50 Digital Video Cassette Recorder


Ease and Versatility Records and Plays Back DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV (DVCAM) Sources Equipped with IEEE 1394 Interface for Non-linear Editing
The compact, low-cost AJ-SD93 DVCPRO50/DVCPRO desktop recorder is ideal for production tasks that employ several different types of digital video cameras. Equipped with an IEEE 1394 digital interface, the AJ-SD93
is ready for use with a PC-based non-linear editor or network server.
Because it plays back DV and DVCAM sources as well as DVCPRO and
DVCPRO50, the AJ-SD93 allows editing with a variety of sources.
The AJ-SD93 also offers a Monitor Out terminal and a newly designed
joystick that provides easy, comfortable operation of functions like Shuttle Search and Slow. With its budget-friendly price and the availability of optional analogue and SDI interface boards, the versatile AJ-SD93 fits a range of production tasks and environments.

Features of AJ-SD93E

  • Outstanding DVCPRO50 Image and Sound Quality
  • DV Playback
  • Equipped with IEEE-1394 Terminal
  • New Joystick Design
  • PF (Programmable Function) Buttons
  • Small, Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • Monitor Out terminal
  • UMID* Data Recording and Playback
  • Interface Options Add Versatility

code : AJSD93E



Optional Accessories for AJ-SD930E


AJ-SD93B Option
Analog Interface Board
Serial Digital Interface Board
Remote Control Unit
Mini-DV Cassette Adapter



  • Other Features and Specifications
  • Versatile remote interfaces: RS-422A (9-pin), RS-232C (25-pin), Encoder (15-pin) and Parallel (25-pin).
    Weighs 17.5 kg (38.58 lbs) and mounts in a 4U-size, 19" rack (with separately sold adaptor).
  • Low power consumption of 130 watts maximum (with all options).
  • UMID* data compatible. Enables readout of GPS data (latitude, longitude, and altitude) that was input during recording.
    *UMID (Unique Material Identifiers): These AV material identifiers are defined in the SMPTE 330M international standard.



Outstanding DVCPRO50 Image and Sound Quality
The AJ-SD93's 4:2:2 digital component video recording and 48- kHz, 16-bit, 4-channel digital audio deliver the high image and sound quality needed in TV programme production. When extended recording time is desired, you can switch the AJ-SD93 to DVCPRO.*
*Records two audio channels in DVCPRO format

DV Playback
For added versatility, the AJ-SD93 can play back DV and DVCAM tapes. Standard DV tapes can be played without an adapter,
while Mini-DV tapes can be played using the AJ-CS455P adapter.*
*Even with an adapter, DVCPRO VTRs cannot play Mini-DV cassette tapes recorded in LP mode, nor 80- or 120-minute Mini-DV cassette tapes.
  Equipped with IEEE-1394 Terminal
The AJ-SD93's 6-pin IEEE-1394 DVCPRO/DV terminal makes it easy to transfer data to and from DV equipment or Mac or PCbased
non-linear editing systems. Supporting a 50-Mbps bit rate and allowing transfer of DVCPRO50 data as well as DVCPRO and
DV(DVCAM) data, the AJ-SD93 is perfect for building a low-cost editing system that delivers 4:2:2 image quality.
*Recording DV signal via IEEE 1394 terminal is impossible. Also requires an IEEE 1394-compatible Mac or PC and software.
DVCPRO50 data can be used only by systems compatible with 50-Mbps DV data.


New Joystick Design
The joystick has been redesigned to offer easy, comfortable Slow and Shuttle Search operation. For added convenience, the stick
can also be used to select menu items and set the time code.

PF (Programmable Function) Buttons
You can assign functions from the setup menu to each of the three PF buttons provided. This customizing feature gives you
quick, direct access to the operational functions you use most.

Small, Lightweight and Easy to Carry
Measuring only 214 mm wide, the AJ-SD93 is virtually the same size as a 3U-tall waveform monitor, making it a spacesaver
in varieties of tight places. Its light 6.8 kg weight and convenient handle make it easy to carry.

Monitor Out terminal
The AJ-SD93E comes equipped with a video monitor out terminal (PAL/BNC) with Superimpose On/Off capability and two audio out
terminals (PHONO). These let you connect the AJ-SD93 to anordinary TV monitor for viewing.

UMID* Data Recording and Playback
The AJ-SD93E records and plays data that conforms to the UMID standard and contains a variety of supplementary information.
This allows it to read GPS data (latitude, longitude and altitude) recorded by the DVCPRO50/DVCPRO Camera-Recorders**.
The AJ-SD93E can also handle VANC data for Teletext.

*UMID stands for Unique Material Identifiers, which are defined for AV material use
in the SMPTE 330M international standard.
**AJ-SDX900, AJ-SDC905 or AJ-SDC615

Interface Options Add Versatility
In addition to a DVCPRO/DV terminal (IEEE 1394) and a monitor out terminal for non-linear editing and playback, you can also add
optional interfaces to meet other needs. The optional AJ-YA93P analogue interface gives you analogue input/output, RS-422
remote and TC terminals. The optional AJ-YA94G SDI board adds serial digital input/output terminals. The AJ-SD93's low cost
optional interfaces provide you an affordable way to configure a system that meets your specific production needs.




Why Professionals Prefer DVCPRO ?

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