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JVC Professional Digital S/D9 Camera

DY-90E / WE


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DY-90E / WE  DY90E DY90WE DY90 E

A fully integrated Digital S Camcorder delivering outstanding picture and sound quality with mobility for High-quality applications  
  • Features

  • Both +48 V XLR and 6-pin camera microphone inputs, plus 2 additional +48 V mic / line XLR inputs
  • Light weight 7.2 kilograms (DT-90WE) and 6.9 kilograms (DY-90E) including typical lens, viewfinder, battery and tape
  • 2-hour (124 minutes) D-9 recording time with DS-124 cassette
  • Advanced generation 14-bit digital signal camera processing
  • Only 30 watts power requirement while recording with DY-90WE (29 W with DY-90E)
  • Fully digital Camera to Tape parallel digital signal recording, rugged and high quality 50 Mbps, 8-bit, 4:2:2 component D-9 format
  • Records four 16-bit 48 kHz PCM audio channels with more than 80 dynamic range (75 dB in camcorder playback)

    Three 2/3" 980H x 685V pixel IT CCDs (DY-90WE) and three 2/3" 745 H x 581 V pixel IT CCDs with total 600% dynamic range reproduction
    Low CCD vertical smear level of minus 120 dB
    High sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux gives creative flexibility and ease of lighting
    Lolux mode provides outstanding reproduction down to 0.75 lux
    Digital signal processing enables natural detail enhancement, and elimination of spot noise.

    14-bit DSP processing gives exceptional reproduction of dark areas, highlights and highlight colour.
    Automatic shooting from 4 to 24,000 lux thanks to JVC
    Two scene files save advanced custom camera setups in removable setup box in addition to standard setup.

    D-9 Recording
    Up to 124 minutes uninterrupted recording with DS-124 cassette.
    Robust 1/2 inch metal particle cassettes
    Automatic editing function (AEF) for smooth cuts
    4x picture search in both directions
    Quick review function
    Colour video playback for monitoring
    Phantom power supply for microphone inputs
    Built-in monitor speaker and headphones jack
    EBU time code generator with external input and output, external lock, jam sync and seamless time code between takes.
    Time date generator
    Large LCD display indicates time code, modes and functions
    Fully menu configurable
    Tape/Battery remaining indication
    Rugged die cast chassis using ceramic tape guide rollers and sapphire flanges for long life




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