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JVC Professional DV camcorder
(Streamcorder) GY-DV301E


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( Camcorder with DV input/output)

PAL Version
High-quality PCM audio (even at 110 dB SPL) 
Professional DV digital recording (with MiniDV cassette) 
Record directly to memory card (w/optional KA-DV300U) 
Built-in web server for setup and control 
Equipped with DV (i.LINK) IEEE-1394 connector 
Optical image stabilizer 

General Specifications:
Image pickup device : 1/3-inch interline-transfer CCDs 
Color separation optical system : F1.6, 3 Color separation prism 
Total number of pixels : 410,000 (811H x 508V) 

Color system : wide-band R-Y, B-Y encoder 



Note : BN-V438U battery x 1 is an optional item


Offer price less than USD 2650
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