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JVC Professional JVC Digital Video Recorder 


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JVC announces SR-DVM70 three-in-one digital video recorder incorporating Mini-DV, HDD and DVD

JVC Professional , a leading innovator of audiovisual technology, announces its latest SR-DVM70E recorder. This recorder has three-in-one video recording that incorporates MiniDV, HDD, and DVD and is packed with a range of professional features

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Main Features: SR-DVM70 PAL  SR-DVM70A SR-DVM70AG
  • 3 in 1 recording that incorporates MiniDV, HDD and DVD
  • 160 GB hard disk that offers high storage capacity for extended recording time
  • Mass duplication of high quality picture and audio
  • Video output terminal with with BNC connector
  • Synchronised editing functions
  • DVCam playback capability
  • The SR-DVM70’s MiniDV deck is also capable of playing back DVCAM™ tapes

    Additional Features:

    • 4x speed DVD duplication facility
    • Wired remote control terminal on rear panel for extra operating convenience and ease of systems integration
    • BNC video connection
    • All audio digital formats can be recorded
    • Wide choice of user-selectable title and chapter designs


Product Code: SRDVM70AG
JVC Digital Video Recorder



note : Our SR-DVM70 come with International zone code for its DVD playback


Specifications SR-DVM70 SRDVM70A SRDVM70AG

MiniDV: Format: DV format Rec/Play, DVCAM™ (playback only)
Cassette: MiniDV cassette
Maximum recording time:
SP 80min. with M-DV80ME cassette
LP 120min. with M-DV80ME cassette
Audio recording system:
PCS 48kHz, 16-bit (2 ch) / 32kHz, 12-bit (4 ch)
DVD Recorder: Format: MPEG2 PAL
Disc formats:
DVD-R: Rec/Play
DVD-RW: Rec/Play
DVD-RAM: Rec/Play
CDDA: Play
VCD: Play
Maximum recording time (approximate):
XP 10Mbps
SP 5Mbps
LP 2.5Mbps
EP 1.6Mbps
Audio recording system:
Dolby Digital 2 ch, Linear PCM (XP mode)
Hard Disk Drive: HDD: 160GB
Format: MPEG2 PAL
Maximum recording time (approximate):
XP 10Mbps
SP 5Mbps
LP 2.5Mbps
EP 1.6Mbps
Audio recording system:
Dolby Digital 2 ch, Linear PCM (XP mode)
Input/Output: BNC video input
DV input
DV output: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
S-Y/C input: MiniDV, HDD (DV format recording)
S-Y/C output: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
Video/Audio L, R input: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
Video/Audio L, R output: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
Y-PB-PR output: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
Optical Digital Audio out: DVD, HDD
Coaxial Digital Audio out: DVD, HDD
Wired RCU Terminal: DVD, HDD
Peri Scart input/output
Remote Control input: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
Power requirement: AC 220-240V (AUTO), 50/60Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD): 435 X 96 x 372 mm
Weight: 6.0 kg



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