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Panasonic 00

Professional DVD Recorder  LQ-DRM200(E/EN)

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LQDRM200E / LQDRM200EN Concept

Cost effective DVD-RAM/R Recorder/Player  with External Remote

Target Market

Wedding/Event Video

 Low end Production

 School/Sport Gym


 Storefront Display


@ Serial Remote Terminal

        M3 mini Jack  

Basic Operation

Deck Status Read

Direct cue up with Timer data in the Program

@ BNC Video out (1ch)

@ 3 pin Power cable  

: Chasing Playback

: Component Video Out  (Y/Pb/Pr)

: 1.3x speed PB w/ audio

: IEEE1394 Input

: Memory Card I/F

       SD, PCMCIA

: Repeat Playback of Title Chapter


DVD Video Recorder with external remote

DVD Video Recorder with external remote jack

You can control the recorder with a computer or control box.

You can add the recorder to an existing system for use as a player and recorder in museums, companies or school halls.


Main features of the DVD Video

1. Control with RS-232C-like communications

· With simple interface circuitry, you can control the recorder from your computer’s serial port.* 

· You can control basic recording and playback features.

· With DVD-RAM, you can enter a time to start play from that point. 

· You can get status reports from the recorder

  The included remote control can send commands, but cannot receive things like play status or counter information.


2. BNC connectors on the video output terminal
·The reliable BNC-type connector has been used for the composite video out terminal.
·This terminal means it is possible to connect to professional monitors.

3. Earthed power plug

4. SD/PC Card slot

The recorder has a slot that can take SD and PC cards. This means you can save JPEG/TIFF stills taken with a digital camera

 to a DVD-RAM. Just put a memory card with stills on it into a PC card adapter and slot it into the recorder. If it’s an SD memory card,

you can directly view the images on the monitor.


5.  DV Automatic Recording

Connect the digital video camcorder with the DV input. Once you begin recording on DVD-RAM using DV input automatic recording,

a play list is automatically created which is very convenient for editing.


6. Chasing play

You can start play from the beginning of the recording, even while the unit continues to record. You can fast-forward through scenes,

or use Time Slip to specify a part to play. These convenient features mean you get the most from your viewing time.


7. Quick View (1.3 times normal speed)

You can play through a recording rapidly, complete with soundtrack with Quick View.*1 This is a convenient feature to use when

checking a recording or searching through the contents of a disc.  You can even use it when recording*2 and with Chasing Play and

Simultaneous Recording and Play. 

*1 Only possible with Dolby Digital. Not possible with DVD-R/DVD-VIDEO.
2 Not possible when recording with XP or FR mode.


8. Progressive scanning

This recorder has a progressive video processor that can deal with the latest 30 P video material, and a 54-MHz/10-bit digital to

analog video converter. Just connect the component terminals to a progressive video television to get the high-resolution images that DVD are

designed to provide.


9. Hybrid VBR recording

Panasonic’s Hybrid VBR (variable bit rate) recording system ensures you get the best images possible in the available space on the disc.

With Real-time VBR, the recorder selects the most suitable bit rate for compression. This, combined with Visibility Modulation Technology,

ensures you get the best video quality possible on both DVD-RAM and DVD-R.


10. Play lists

You can select your favorite scenes from a different programs, then rearrange them in any order.  “Seamless Play” ensures you won’t

notice when a new scene starts. The original program stays completely intact and you can make up to 99 different play lists on a disc.


11. DVD-Audio play

This recorder has a 192-kHz/24-bit digital to analog audio converter to handle the high quality and faithful sounds found on DVD-Audio.

Use this unit to play in stereo high-quality DVD-Audio recordings.    Our e-shop    About  us   Customers' Feed back 
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