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Lumix Digital Camera

  Lumix™ Digital Cameras
Panasonic has developed an exciting new digital camera line that will revolutionize the world of digital photography. Introducing the New LUMIX™ Digital Camera, the first to combine world-renowned Leica Optics with advanced Panasonic digital technology for the perfect balance of art and science. These cameras produce high-quality, professional-looking photographs, their convenient, user-friendly features make multimedia applications quick and easy. Featuring built-in USB ports and SD memory card slots, the new Mega-pixel digital cameras also offer networking versatility with PCs and a wide variety of compatible SD-enabled devices.
  Introducing LUMIX, from Panasonic Visionary digital cameras that break new ground in image creation. We wanted a digital camera that went beyond capturing accurate images. We wanted one capable of creating art. One that rendered images with a beauty and delicacy that stir the emotions- Images with a richness, warmth, and depth that touch the heart. LUMIX, digital cameras that understand the poetics of imagery.

Imagine a digital camera that is beautiful to look at, comfortable to hold, effortless to use. One whose design reflects exquisite attention to detail. One in which every control button, switch, and knob are placed carefully and work intuitively. One that feels familiar from the first moment you pick it up.

Imagine LUMIX, a compact camera with an elegant new form. An image-creating tools that is perfectly responsive and a pleasure to use.


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Models DMC-F7 DMC-LC5 DMC-L20 DMC-LC40
Silver DMC-F7-K DMC-LC5-K DMC-L20-K DMC-LC40-K
  All  Lumix™ digital cameras are equipped with world-renowned Leica DC lenses to offer you the ultimate in digital photography
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Digital Still Camera Advantages

  Expanding Fun - Connect a printer at home  
  If you have a printer, you can easily enjoy photograph-quality printing, whenever you like, with [prints of any size. Of course, you can also use the digital printing services offered by photo studios, convenience stores and other stores.  
  Film Free - No Film needed, so running costs are low  
  Once you've stored image data in your PC, you can erase it from the memory card. You don't need to get another film or foot your bill for development. Better still, the CD-R disc and HD used to store image data re becoming extremely inexpensive, so your running costs are incredibly low.  
  Quick confirm & Delete - Check your shooting results on the spot, and reshoot any number of times  
  One of the biggest advantages of a digital camera is that you can immediately check your shooting results. And you can retake a shot over and over again until you get the angle and exposure just right. Naturally, you can also use the LCD to view stored image data