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New Digital HD VTR Offers Up to 124 Minutes of Recording Time
The AJ-HD1600 VTR employs the new DVCPRO HD-LP recording format, developed as an innovative solution to today's need
for longer recording times and lower costs in HD broadcasting and program production.
DVCPRO HD-LP uses double the recording density of ordinary DVCPRO to provide twice the recording time.
Using the new XL cassette, the AJ-HD1600 provides up to 124 minutes of recording or playback.
The new VTR meets a host of program production and on-air transmission needs, while reducing both tape costs and archiving space advantages that mean greater cost-performance and operating ease. The AJ-HD1600 offers full upward compatibility, providing playback of all DVCPRO and consumer DV tapes. The AJ-HD1600 also features an HD/SD output format converter and introduces a new user-friendly design with features such as an LCD color monitor on the front panel.

DVCPRO HD-LP Longer Recording for Cost-efficient HD Programming
DVCPRO HD-LP has twice the recording time of DVCPRO HD, fitting a full 92 minutes on an L cassette. Using the newly-developed XL cassette, recording and playback time extends to 124 minutes.
The increased recording time was achieved through new double-density recording technology that uses a 9-m track width. To ensure editing compatibility essential in broadcast use Panasonic developed a number of technologies that maintain the same high reliability as other DVCPRO formats. These include editing-point guard tracks, a double-head playback system, new MIG (Metal in Gap) head, and a new error-correction circuit.

The AJ-HD1600 plays back tapes in any DVCPRO family format, including DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, and DVCPRO P. It also plays back consumer DV, Mini-DV*, and DVCAM tapes.
* The AJ-HD1600 cannot record on Mini-DV cassettes, even with the AJ-CS455P cassette adaptor.
The AJ-HD1600 cannot play back DV or Mini-DV cassettes recorded in LP mode, or long-time Mini-DV cassettes
(SP mode - 80 minutes, LP mode - 120 minutes).

Performance and Functions for the Broadcast Studio
  • 1080i (59.94Hz) and 720p (59.94Hz) HD recording
  • Eight channels of 16-bit/48-kHz digital audio in HD modes
  • Optional up-converter board allows users to input SD(480i) images from SDI in and record up-converted HD(1080i/720p) images.
  • Built-in HD-SD output format converter allows output conversion between HD and SD image formats
  • Newly-designed operation panel with LCD color monitor.
  • Slow-motion playback of HD images (1x to +2x variable, in 1% steps).
  • Max. 100x speed shuttle search with color images.
  • SDTI and VANC options available.
  • RS-422A, RS-232C, and parallel remote.
  • Error logging function.
  • 4RU size for easy installation.


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