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Panasonic AJ-HD27FE


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  • Variable frame rate HD cinema camera enables 46 minutes recording on 1/4 tape in large-sized cassettes
  • High quality multiple frame-rate production camera with exceptional system ergonomics
  • 1.1-Million Pixel interline transfer (IT) 3-CCD
  • Resolution of approximately 850 lines for creating rich images
  • Electronic shutter with optical filter wheel
  • Switchable frame rates between 433 fps (single step) and 36, 40, and 60 fps
  • Native 720p camcorder but can be used for 60 fps or film-quality 60 fps acquisition
  • New digital signal processing (DSP) system for high precision color
  • LCD status menu and diagnostic system
  • HD-SDI video output and external camera control capability
  • Low power consumption and no fan, assuring quiet operation.
  • Ideal for special effects in music videos, sci-fi dramas and dream sequences

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