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  Canopus Products    
    Editing components ACEDVio   DVSTORM XA PLUS   EDIUS NX  
    Editing software Lets EDIT RT+ 2   Lets EDIT 2   Lets EDIT 2 Upgrade  
    Digital video converters ADVC50   ADVC55   ADVC110   ADVC300    
      ADVC500  ADVC1394   TWINPACT 100  
    Visual effects software XPLODE PRO4 UPG    IMAGINATE 2  
    Canopus Broadcast EDIUS SDRX1   EDIUS SDRX1BX    EDIUS SP  
      EDIUS SPBX   HDBX 1000S   SPBX  
    Realtime MPEG Encoding EMR100    MVR 1000SX  
    Trancoding and Editing Software EDIUS PRO 3.0  EDIUS PRO3.0L   EDIUS PRO3UPG42  
      PROCODER 2.0  PROCODER 2.0 UPG  
    Others EZDV   NX EXPKIT  REXRT PRO19  



APPLE Products :  
APPLE Power Mac G5 Built on G5 processors running at up to 2.7GHz.  
Apple PowerBook 1.5 Ghz to 1.67GHz / 12 inch to 17 inch Monitor
APPLE Final Cut Pro HD Real time editing for DV , SD, HD, Film  
Apple FCP Studio Tools for real-time video and Audio production  
APPLE Motion Real time  motion graphics design  
APPLE DVD Studio Pro 3 Encode. Aurthor. Burn  
APPLE Shake 3.5 Advanced Digital effects Compositing  
APPLE Logic Pro 7 Advanced music recreation

Others Softwares

Lumière HD
    Sony Vegas+DVD
  Data Video Product
Digital to Analogue Converters
Mixers / Switchers
LCD Monitors
Hard Disk Recorders
DV Cables & Repeaters
Time Base Correctors & Distribution Amplifiers
DVD Recorders
Video Players


VIDEONICS Post-Production Solution
Personal TitleMaker Character Generator
PowerScript 4000 Character Generator  
TitleMaker 3000 Character Generator  
DistanceDV Long Distance Cabling
MXPro Digital Video Mixer
MXProDV Digital Video Mixer with DV
MX-4 Digital Video Mixer
FireStore DV to Hard Disk Drive Interface

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