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Lumière HD

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Lumière HD
Edit HDV on Final Cut Pro

Edit HDV on Final Cut Pro with real-time benefits in your timeline (no rendering). Includes video capture, FCP project migration, and print back to video -- all while maintaining full High Definition quality.

Only $170
Special Price!
(Limited Time)

Now includes the new MainConcept MPEG-2 Encoder!

Technical Support


Join the High Definition video revolution!
Edit HDV on Final Cut Pro with real-time benefits in your timeline (no rendering). Includes video capture, FCP project migration, and print back to video -- all while maintaining full High Definition quality. Screen Shots>> - Learn more>>

Lumiere HD Beta version with support for the new Sony HDR-FX1(E) and the JVC GR-PD1 is now available!

The latest beta version of Lumiere HD is compatible with the world's first 1080i HDV camera from Sony, the HDR-FX1(E). This beta can be downloaded by current owners of Lumiere HD. Important: Output back to tape in full HDV 1080i quality to the Sony HDR-FX1(E) is not yet supported with Lumiere HD.


• Captures video from the following HDV cameras and decks via IEEE-1394 FireWire:

- JVC HM-DH30000U
- JVC GR-PD1 (Beta only)
- SONY HDR-FX1 (Beta only)
- SONY HDR-FX1E (Beta only)
- SONY HVR-Z1 (Beta only)

• Allows the logging of information from captured clips and transfers these logs to Final Cut Pro

• Converts the captured HDV clips into QuickTime friendly HD MPEG-2 video format (online), via lightning-fast batch processing

• Offers editors their codec of choice (DV, DVCPRO HD, etc.) to edit in Final Cut Pro's timeline, with all of the real-time benefits -- such as transitions, FX, and composites, without rendering. Also provides real-time playing and NTSC monitoring in DV.

• Automates the complete migration of captured HDV footage into Final Cut Pro, including:

- Generating XML File
- Importing clips
- Anamorphic (16:9) setting
- Importing logging information
- Merging of audio & video
- Online process optimization

• Encodes HD output from Final Cut Pro into HDV MPEG-2 Transport Stream and transfers back to HDV cameras and decks


• Macintosh computer with 350MHz PowerPC G4 processor
• Mac OS X v10.3 or later
• Final Cut Pro 4.0 or later
• DVD drive required for installation

Lumière HD is the most affordable and powerful solution for Final Cut Pro editors who want to edit the new HDV format. Now you can edit your HDV footage, in real-time, without expensive hardware.

Offline Editing Workflow
Ultilizing the offline editing workflow adopted by most professional post-production facilities today, Lumière HD allows you to edit your HDV footage in the codec of your choice -- therefore enabling you to keep all the real-time benefits you are accustomed to. Edit your HDV footage in anamorphic DV on a PowerBook and monitor your cuts on a NTSC monitor via your camera's firewire, real-time. Or take advantage of the new DVCPRO HD codec on a G5 and view your edits on a cinema display, in full resolution HD, in real-time.

The power of XML
Lumière HD migrates your clips to Final Cut Pro using its XML Interchange Format, saving you quite possibly hours of prep work. Simply import the XML file generated by Lumière HD in Final Cut Pro and start editing in real-time. It's that simple.

When your final edit is ready, follow the simple instructions and within a few clicks, your timeline will autoconform to Lumière HD's full quality high definition QuickTime-friendly MPEG-2. Clips will reconnect in a flash, thanks to the magic of XML.

The Fastest and Best Quality Encoder Available
Lumière HD encodes your final HD resolution render to HDV MPEG-2 Transport Stream utilizing the new MainConcept encoder. You will be amazed by the speed of this encoder and the quality of your final program.

Print Back to Tape
With Lumière HD's user-friendly interface, send your masterpiece back to your HDV camera/deck or D-VHS VCR. Enjoy your final cut in full quality High Definition.

Create Widescreen Progressive Scans DVDs
Using your final High Definition render, you can create widescreen progressive scan DVDs of stunning quality! You just don't get this quality in SD...


Recommended Lumiere HD Workflow

The following workflow will insure a smooth and streamlined process when capturing, editing and printing HDV back to tape with Lumiere HD. It will also allow you to edit your HDV footage in real-time without rendering the Final Cut Pro timeline everytime you make a cut! You will be able to enjoy your creative freedom while editing HD content on a DV workstation. (This workflow is also compatible with any HD codec such as Apple's HDVCPRO HD codec)

Finally, you will encode your masterpiece into a format readable by HDV devices without ever compromising the original quality of your High Definition footage.

The Steps


Capture Video

From the HDV/DVHS device to your hard drive via IEEE1394 Firewire.

Demultiplex Transport Stream

Separate the video into a QT friendly MPEG-2 Program Stream and the audio in a QuickTime friendly audio format.

Encode Timeline Codec

Convert the MPEG-2 Program Stream into the QuickTime codec of your choice for editing in the timeline, in real-time.


Generate FCP XML File

Once the Timeline codec encoding is done, Lumiere HD generates an XML file to facilitate importing your project into FCP.

Import XML File in Final Cut Pro

Easily import the Lumiere HD generated XML file into Final Cut Pro and start editing.


Edit in FCP

Enjoy full real-time benefits including real-time playing in the timeline, real-time effects and live monitoring on an NTSC monitor via Firewire (DV) or on a Cinema Display (DVCPRO HD). Note: Add 10 seconds of black at the beginning of timeline.

Online the Sequence

When finished editing, use Final Cut Pro’s Media Manager to online your sequence into a full resolution QuickTime friendly MPEG-2 Program Stream in only a few clicks, thanks to Lumiere HD's XML prework. Your sequence can include transitions, effects, text and graphics.

Export HD Master

Export your full resolution HD timeline to an uncompressed 10 bit HD master.

Encode HDV Transport Stream

Use Lumiere HD to encode your HD master into an HDV compliant MPEG-2 Transport Stream in lightening speeds and exceptional quality. (Utilizes the MainConcept MPEG-2 encoder)

(And/or) Encode Progressive Scan DVD

Encode your HD master into a progressive scan NTSC DVD using Apple’s compressor.


Print Final Program to Tape

Use Lumiere HD to send your final program back to HDV tape in best quality 720p resolution.





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