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The Vegas+DVD Production Suite combines Vegas® 6, DVD Architect™ 3, and Dolby Digital® AC-3 encoding software to offer an integrated environment for all phases of video, audio, DVD, and broadcast production. A must for the professional media producer, this suite lets you edit and process DV, HDV, and SD/HD-SDI in real-time, manipulate audio with unparalleled precision, and author DVDs


The Vegas+DVD Production Suite includes:
Vegas Version 6 software
Only Vegas software combines native real-time SD, DV, and HDV editing with unrivaled audio tools. With its unique, visual approach to digital video and audio production, Vegas delivers tremendous power, incredible speed, and maximum productivity in an uncomplicated, efficient platform. More about Vegas software
DVD Architect 3 software
Nothing beats DVD Architect software for professional DVD authoring. Its clean, drag-and-drop interface and powerful layout and authoring tools make it easy to develop dynamic menu-based DVDs, movies, picture slideshows, and music compilations. DVD Architect software works seamlessly with the Vegas environment. More about DVD Architect software
Dolby Digital® AC-3 encoding software
Officially tested and certified by Dolby Laboratories Inc., this encoding software optimally prepares AC-3 output for professional surround sound DVD productions. Encode 5.1 multichannel or stereo mixes to AC-3 format inside Vegas software.
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