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  Models Available in Singapore for Export
  SHARP   PG-M15 S/X
    PG-M20X E
  LCD Data Projectors   PG-C20X E
    PG-C30X E
      XG-C40X E
      XG-P10X E
      XG-P25X E
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Models Available in Singapore


PG-M15S/X True SVGA/XGA Mobile DLP Projector
  • 1100 ANSI Lumen
  • PG-M15X :SXGA/MAC 21" Compatible in Intelligent Compression & True XGA High-Resolution Images
  • PG-M15S : SXGA/XGA/Mac 19", 21" Compatible in Intelligent compression& True SVGA  High-Resolution Images
  pgm15s pgm15x pg-m15 PGM15      

PG-M20XE True XGA Micro-Poprtable DLP Projector
  • High Brightness

    High Brightness 1,800A/L

    0.7 XGA/ 12 degrees DLP engine

    DDR*DLP engine realizes x3 color wheel rotation

  • Slim Unique Design

    Unique Design with Original Straight Optical System

    Light weioght and Compact ( 2.6kg, 4.2 litre)

  • High Images Quality ( New CV-IC)

    I/P Conversion wuth Pattern Matching and Mounting Picture Correction Circuitry

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True SAG Micro-Portable LCD Projector

High Bright 1000Ansi Lumen Picture from this Micro-Portable Projector!

A Great Help for On-the-Go Business People

  • 1000Ansi Lumen

  • Brighthness Switchover function

    • 1000/800 ANSI Lumen Brightness Switchable

  • SXGA (1280 dots x1024 Lines) and Mac 21" ( 1280 dots x 1024 lines)

  • High-resolution Images Compatible in Intelligent Compression and True XGA ( 1024 x768 ) High-resolution Images

  PG-C20 PGC20XE PGC20 PGC20X PGX20 PG-C20XU    


True XGA Ultra Portable LCD Projector

Ultra-Compact Projector Fully Loaded with Features for your High Quality Presentations

  • 1700 Ansi Lumen

  • UXGA ( 1600 x 1200) and Mac 21" ( 1280 x 1024 ) High-resolution Images Compatible in Advance Intelligent Compression System ( AICS), SXGA  High-Resolution Images Compatible in Intelligent Compression
  • True XGA High resolution Images
  • 3D Digital Uniformity & Digital Convergence for uniform and superior images quality

XG-C40XE True XGA Ultra-Portable LCD Projector
  • 2000Ansi Lumen
  • AXED/SIXTY/MAN 21" Compatible in Advanced Intelligent Compression ( AIMS)
  • True SAG ( 1024 x 768) High-resolution Images
  • ad digital uniformity & Digital convergence
  • Anti-lll using digital Keystone Correction ( DEWARS)
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True XGA Portable and conference LCD Projector

Tremendous 3200ANSI Lumen Bright Pictures Projected from  a Compact Body for Presentation or Business Meetings

  • 3000 Ansi Lumen

  • UXGA and Mac 21"

    High-resolution images compatibility in Advance Intelligent

    Compression System ( AICS), SXGA High-resolution Images Compatible in Intelligent Compression

  • True XGA ( 1024 X 768 ) High-resolution Images

  • DTV /HDTV ( 1080I, 720P, 480P with 4 : 3 and 16 : 9 aspect ratios) and DVD Compatible

  XG-P10 XGP10XE XG-P10X XGP10X XG-P10XU    


Native XGA Semi-Conference Projector

  • High Brightness In the Category

    Achieved the Industry top-class high brightness of 4500AL.

    Presentation can be held without turning the room light off

  • Easy Realization of Varieties of Installation

    Optical Lens Shift ( manual) is incorporated

    Total four varieties of optional lens

    Easy Lens replacement system

    Ceiling-mount/ Stack installation ready

  • Network compatibility

    Self-Diagnosis function

  XG-P25 XG-P25X XGP25 XGP25X  XGP25XE XG-P25XU    
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