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DVCAM offers a compact, cost-effective production solution for mainstream broadcast, internet and professional applications. The product range includes shoulder-held camcorders, palmcorders, portable field editors and non-linear editors. We are here to make this product reachable to you at a very competitive rate. We export to most of the countries where there is no sales office. Delivery can be arranged with ease, either by air or express courier service at a affordable price. Drop us  a e-mail to get your product soon.
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Video production styles continue to diversify in response to the rapid and tremendous growth in visual communication. In this fast-changing environment, the need is for equipment that meets the crucial demands for both higher productivity and greater creativity in professional video production.
Since its launch in 1996,Sony DVCAM ™ has satisfied these demands and brought many notable benefits. Excellent picture and sound quality that only a digital format can provide, high-performance editing capabilities, and system versatility that makes
it possible to migrate smoothly from analogue to digital – these are just some of the factors behind the success of DVCAM. A full model line-up for digital acquisition, editing and program playout has led to the rapid acceptance of DVCAM
by business users, production facilities and broadcasters around the world. Many new models have been added to the DSR Series of DVCAM equipment, broadening the range of applications in ENG, field acquisition/ editing, simple editing and so on.

Select from the Sony DVCAM lineup and you will be choosing innovative equipment to bring both new solutions to your production demands and added performance benefits to your system.


Digital Component Recording
for Excellent Picture Quality

The DVCAM format is the professional extension of the worldwide standard DV format. The DVCAM format uses 8-bit digital component recording with a 5:1 compression ratio and a sampling rate of 4:2:0. The unique compression algorithm provides excellent picture quality and superb multi-generation performance.
The DVCAM format has a wider track pitch of 15 µm (compared with 10 µm for the DV format) which gives higher reliability for professional editing.
It also offers superior digital audio performance, providing a wide dynamic range and excellent signal-to-noise ratio, comparable to CD quality. Alternative audio channel modes can be selected: a two-channel mode with 48 kHz/16-bit recording or a four-channel mode with 32 kHz/12-bit recording.

Excellent Performance from Professional DVCAM Tapes

To gain maximum performance from high-density digital recording, advanced Metal Evaporated tape Technology
has been developed for the DVCAM format. The use of Sony’s pure cobalt advanced evaporated coating gives
both high output and a high C/N (Carrier-to-Noise) ratio, resulting in superb quality pictures and a low error rate.
A DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) protective layer provides the enhanced protection of the tape surface that is
essential to avoiding tape damage during long editing sessions. Finally, DVCAM tapes provide a low frequency
of dropout and superior thermal stability.
A variety of cassettes, including tapes with IC Cassette Memory and Master Tapes, is available to suit different
applications. The built-in 16-kbit Cassette Memory stores ClipLink™ Log Data, Index Pictures, Photo mode
and other shooting data, enhancing editing efficiency.
Tapes without IC Cassette Memory fit a wide range of applications, at an affordable price. The Master Tapes,
which use Sony Hyper Evaticle II Magnetic Particle technology to provide higher output and lower noise,
are suitable for high-speed data transfer applications as well as for making master recordings.
One frame: 12 Tracks 15 µm

Camcorders -PAL
- 2/3-inch, 3CCD, Power HAD widescreen camcorder
DSR-370P       - 1/2-inch, 3CCD, Power HAD camcorder with CCU capability

DSR390P        - Replaces DSR-370P

DSR-250P       - 1/3 inch 3CCD camcorder

DSR-PDX10P    -3-Chip-DV/DVCAM-Camcorder
DSR-PD150P  -  1/3 inch 3CCD compact camcorder

DSR-PD170P -   New  1/3 inch 3CCD compact camcorder
DSR-PD100AP - 1/4 inch 3CCD palmcorder  ( Dis-con)

Recently discontinued camcorders
DSR-300AP     - Replaced by  DSR-370P
DSR-500WSP  - Replaced by  DSR-570WSP

DSR-370PL        - Replaced by DSR-390PL

Master Series VTRs - PAL
DSR-2000P -  Top-of-the-range, studio editing recorder
DSR-1800P -  Studio editing recorder
DSR-1600P -  Studio editing player
DSR-1500P -  Compact desk-top/OB recorder
DSR-70AP  -  All-in-one portable editing recorder with LCD screen

DSR-85P -  High speed dubbing, studio editing recorder
DSR-50P -  Portable recorder with LCD screen
DSR-45P -  Compact, cost effective, professional recorder with professional interfaces
DSR-30P -  Recorder with simple editing capability
DSR-25   -  Compact, cost-effective recorder
DSR-11   -  PC compatible, compact recorder for non-linear editing applications

Click here for a DVCAM VTR comparison chart (Microsoft Excel file - 99KB)

Recently discontinued VTRs
DSR-70P. Replaced by the DSR-70AP which has complete DV format playback capability and improved jog/shuttle response.
DSR-40P. Replaced by the DSR-45P which has some additional features including built-in LCD monitor.
DSR-20P. Replaced by the DSR-25 which is now a world-wide model with built-in LCD monitor.

Options and Accessories
Click here for DVCAM camcorder and VTR options and accessories.


Sony Video Monitors


DVCAM Model Index
DSR20P   -  Replaced by the DSR-25 DSR25
DSR300AP -  Replaced by the DSR370P 
DSR370P  -  Replaced by DSR390PL
DSR40P   -  Replaced by the DSR45PD
DSR500WSP - Replaced by the DSR570WSP 
DSR70A    -  Replaced DSR70AP  
DSR70P    -  Replaced by the DSR70AP 


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