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Sony DVCAM DSR-PD170 /


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Sony Three 1/3 inch CCDs Camcorder DSR-PD170P (PAL)

Sony MinDV DVCAM Camcorder DSR-PD170P  
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Supplied Accessories 

Wireless Remote Commander
AC-L15B AC Adaptor
NP-F330 rechargeable battery pack
R6 (Size AA) battery for Remote Commander
A/V connecting cable
Shoulder Strap
Hood with a Lens Cap
LSF-S58 Lens Hood
Hood Cap
VCL-H0758 wide conversions lens, Carrying Pouch
Microphone, Wind screen

Optional Accessories

Price : Less than USD 3140
E-mail me better price ( PAL only )


DSR-PD170P Improved or added Functions
1. Minimum Illumination specification improvement

The specification of Minimum Illumination is improved from 2lx to 1lx (4lx to 3 lx for J model)

due to the improved CCD and signal process.


2. Improvement of audio quality for manual recording

The audio quality for manual recording is improved about 6dB due

to the improvement of audio process circuit.


3. On-handle zoom lever and Rec. start/stop button

Zoom lever and Rec. start/stop button are added on the handle.

Zooming is available by this lever as well as current zoom lever. 

It allows the user to control zooming and record start/stop during low angle shooting.

Zoom speed can be selected by the 3 position slide switch located on the side of the

 handle,  from H (faster), L (slower) or Off (Disable).


4. Larger size handle

Top height of the handle is about 10mm higher than the current. H

andle design is also changed and the size is larger in order to better fit for grip.


5. Larger Size View Finder

Large size view finder and it's eye-cup are provided, and the window size of the magnifier 

is enlarged. It allows the user to watch the view finder comfortably.


6. Hybrid LCD Panel

200,000 pixels precision Hybrid (Transmissive and Reflective) LCD panel is newly adopted for

 picture monitoring. It allows the user to watch the LCD panel clearly even under the shining sun.


7. More Steps for Iris Control

DSR-PD170 has more steps (24 steps) for Iris control wheel as it is provided instead of 12 steps for current.

 It provides the user the smoother and more sensitive Iris control.


8. Bundled Wide conversion lens and it's new hood

Wide Conversion Lens and it's new hood are bundled with DSR-PD170P. 

New hood was newly developed for the wide conversion lens. 

The wide conversion lens can be removed without removing the hood itself. 

Also the hood can be used when the wide conversion lens is not used.


9. Lens Cap built in Hood

Another hood is also bundled with DSR-PD170 instead of current hood.

 This hood has built in lens cap and by using the lever located at the side of the hood, the lens 

cap can be opened or closed.


10. Simultaneous turn on of LCD panel and View Finder

LCD panel and View finder can be turned on simultaneously when this mode is selected on the menu. 

This function allows the user to control the focus on the view finder and set the camera angle on the 

LCD panel. Needless to say, current mode is selected by the menu.


11. i.LINK Cable Strap

A i.LINK Cable Strap is provided as a supplied accessory. 

This small plastic plate can strap the i.LINK cable and it can protect the cable to easily remove. 

It avoids the accident when external HDD is recording the picture.





Picture/Audio Quality Improvements

Minimum Illumination Improvement

Manual Audio Quality Improvement

6dB improvement, 36dB same as PDX10



Body and Lens Color change

i.LINK Cable Strap

Functions/Operation Improvements

On-Handle Zoom Lever and Rec Start/Stop Button

Larger Size Handle

Larger Size View Finder (lens/window bigger)

Hybrid LCD Panel (much brighter)

Smoother Iris Control (24 position same as DSR-250, while PD150 has only 12 positions, )

New hood for current wide conversion lens

Lens Cap built in Hood

Rec Start/Stop button will be changed to Display button



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