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Sony HDV Camcorder

Sony Three 1/3 inch CCD HDR-FX1E HDR-FX7E, HDR-FX7 , HDRFX7E, HDRFX7

Sony HDR-FX1E HD Mini Camcorder ( HDV ) PAL


Sony HDR-FX1E  PAL 1080/50i


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Lee than
USD 2,990
with Mack 2 year warranty

Less than
USD 2,900

Less than
USD 2,980
With Soft case 

Soft case Value USD109

Less than
USD 3,160

With Sony Original Hard case LCH-FXA

Less than
USD 3,040


Sony  HDR-FX1E  
Supplied Accessories   Optional Accessories

Recommended Software
Supporting Software

Detailed Specification


Sony Soft Ware Vegas+DVD USD 825


Recommended Optional Accessories 

Camcorder XLR Adapters -
BeachTek DXA-4 Dual XLR Adapter


Camcorder Support System

Wide Angle

Rain Jacket


Model: DXA-4    

PAG Orbitor



Less than USD260    



 US$ 420






0.8 Wide
Lens with
Lens Hood

Two balanced XLR inputs
One auxiliary mini-jack input
Dual MIC/LINE level switches
Dual trim controls
Mounts to camera and tripod
No power required
Durable metal chassis
Superb sound




DSR dsr dsrfx1  

Recommended Optional Accessories 

Sennheiser wireless

Broadcast & Production Microphone  

Battery Charger

Quick Charger  / AC Adaptor Charger (AC100-240V)

Digital Master

EW 112-P G2


US$ 485

Below  US$ 260

less than US$ 120


Below US$18


For Professional use
Designed for HDV 63min


5 pcs Pack
below US$75

5 pcs Pack

10 pcs Pack

MattBox Kit "C-72SF" Matt Box Kit  "WS-SF" Kit "E2" with optional Side Flag

Kit "C-72SF".......................... Item #0200-1072
For all 72mm threaded cameras.
This kit consists of:
-DV mattebox MB-200, with special 4"x4" Aluminum filter frames
 (#0310-0011) for this camera  ..  Item #0200-0300
-Step down adapter ring 105mm to M72.
          ..........................................  Item #0250-0140
-DV french flag ...........................  Item #0250-0020

For better support and safety for your camera, we recommend using a 15mm mattebox support.
This support has a flat base and allows the use on all tripods.
Only if a wide-angle converter is used on the Camcorder , the MB-250 mattebox is needed.
Kit "WS-SF", .......................... Item #0250-1100.
For Sony HVR-Z1U / HDR-FX1 (HDV) with or without wide-angle converter.
This kit consists of:
-DV mattebox MB-250, with French flag and special 4"X4" filter frames (#0310-0011)
for this camera. ....................   Item #0200-0250.
-Flexible adapter ring kit. ......  Item #0320-0010.
-Bars adapter DVMB MKII. ..... Item #0250-0150.
-Mattebox support MBS-100 Type “G3”. With integrated shoulder bracket. .. Item #0350-0012
Less Than USD890 Less than USD1370 USD320



Sony Battery Pack

Soft carrying case

Sony carrying case

Sony Rain Jacket

Sony Video Light

Lumiere HD

less than US$148

less than US$100

US$ 145


US$ 99

Below USD 175









Recommended Software
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Sony Tripod

Libec Tripod

Vinten Tripod
Pro 5

Vinten Tripod
Pro 6

ZC-3 DV Controller


Below US$ 395

USD 179

USD 590

USD 790

USD 128

USD 3030

Tripod with Remote Controller

More Optional Accessories



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The HDR-FX1/E realized recording and playback through the  HDV1080i specification, dealing the widely used 1080i video  signal in TV broadcasting, among the HDV formats.
This made possible a clearer and smoother digital HD picture with 1440 x 1080 dots (conventional DV format: 720 x 480 dots)


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Overview  HDR-FX1E /  HDR-FX1HDR-FX1

World World’’s first HDV1080i standard camcorder

                              for personal use

HDV standards make possible the recording and playback

  of HD images on DV tapes.

  Employs the first HDV1080i specification for personal use.

- Recording and playback through the HDV1080i specification

- HDV/DV switching system, High performance down

  conversion function


Basic Functions of   HDR-FX1E HDR-FX1

Basic technology that enables clear image recording

- Newly-developed wide CCD

- Real time HD codec engine (Tentative name)

- Carl Zeiss Lens (Vario-Sonnar T*)

- Large diameter 72mm, wide angle of view 32.5mm

And more!


Numerous manual functions -  HDR-FX1E HDR-FX1

Functions that satisfy even the most demanding photographer

- Shot Transition

- Picture Profile (Cinematone Gamma, Cineframe)

- Assign button

And more!


Design, Control

Body designed to improve control and reliability

- 3.5-inch hybrid LCD, positioned on top and in front of handle

- Handle zoom lever

- STMANINA: Extra long battery life of 6 hours 25 minutes for extra

  shooting time

And more!


Main Features Sony HDR-FX1E / HDR-FX1

  • World’s first rec. & play HDV1080i

  • 1/3" 3CCD

  • 16:9 Wide Aspect Ratio

  • Total Pixels: Approx. 1.12M pixels

  • Effective Pixels: Approx. 1.07M pixels [960(H) x 1080MJ

  • Minimum Illumination: 3 lux

  • Interlace Scan

  • Real time HD codec engine

  • Super HAD CCD

  • 14 bit HD DXP(Tentative name)

  • High performance wide-angle lens

  • 3.5-inch LCD

  • High-performance stereo microphone

  • Switchable HDV / DV format

  • Shot Transition™

  • Picture Profile™

  • Cinematone Gamma TM & Cineframe   TM

  • Assign Button

  • Numerous manual functions

  • Improved control through design

Supplied Accessories

  • AC Adaptor AC Adaptor AC-L15A/L15B

  • Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • Remote Commander

  • component Video Cable

  • AV cable

  • Shoulder Strap

  • Clock Lithium ( Installed)

  • Lens Hood

  • R6( size AA) Battery

  • Cleaning Cassette

  • Shoe Adaptor

  • Large eye Cup


Sony HDR-FX1E / HDR-FX1 in General

The camcorder's best-in-class video resolution is enhanced by Sony's new three-chip, one-megapixel Super HAD CCDs. The new 1080i HD CCDs

have several improvements, including an on-chip micro-lens on top of the CCD sensor that increases the light focusing rate for focusing on the fly.

There is also a newly developed 16:9 aspect mode for recording in widescreen. By giving each lens its own megapixel imager, the camcorder captures

 the intense detail and color that expert videographers and HD lovers appreciate.


Each of the camcorder's three 1/3-inch, 16:9 CCDs utilize Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar® T* optics, minimizing warping while maximizing sharpness and contrast.

All of this imaging power -- together with the 14-bit A/D converter that processes four times more digital information than converters used in traditional

 television ameras -- produces sharper, richer and more true-to-life images.



HDR-FX1E / HDR-FX1 HD Quality in a Small Package

Sony developed an advanced HD codec engine for the new camcorder, which efficiently compresses massive digital data while maintaining optimal

HD quality. Engineered  to reduce energy consumption, this powerful digital signal processor fits perfectly inside the camcorder's streamlined body.

The HDR-FX1 camcorder employs the same MPEG2 compression scheme that is used for digital broadcasts and for DVD discs, so it can record on

easy-to-find DV tapes.

HDR-FX1E / HDR-FX1 Control of Sound and Vision

To meet the demands of the experienced user, the camcorder has a shooting range from 32.5mm to 390mm, a 12x optical zoom and a multitude

of zoom control mechanisms, including a non-perpetual zoom ring that allows for professional-like control. Users also have the option to switch

between the zoom ring, the two zoom levers as well as a variable zoom control on the handle for greater shooting flexibility.

To capture even the smallest detail with clarity, the new HDR-FX1 model offers increased focusing control with expanded focus and peaking functions.

In the expanded focus mode, the camera's LCD image is magnified up to four times its original size without any loss of resolution.

The peaking function emphasizes the outline of objects creating

clear contrast and clarity in a scene.

The 3.5" SwivelScreen hybrid LCD offers 250,000 pixels -- the highest resolution of any consumer camcorder LCD -- for accurate viewing under

bright lighting conditions.

The LCD is conveniently located towards the front of the unit and is on the same eyelevel as the color viewfinder with the same pixel resolution.

The camcorder also features a wide-range stereo microphone for superior audio quality. Because of its unique body design and well-placed microphone,

wind noise is minimized so videographers can capture the sound they want, not the noise they don't. Additionally, sound adjustments that typically

 are made via a menu are now adjustable through an external audio level switch.


HDR-FX1E / HDR-FX1 Custom Features for a Film-Like Feel and Smooth Transitions

With the HDR-FX1 Handycam camcorder, the budding hobbyist as well as the seasoned videographer can make their video look like a professionally-shot film.

The Cinematone Gamma and Cineframe functions enable high quality picture processing to create video with the warmth, softness and richness

similar to a big screen movie.

Smooth, seamless, shot transitions are achieved using the Shot Transition function. With settings to control focus, zoom, iris, gain, shutter and

white balance, focus can gradually be shifted from the front of the screen to a deeper subject, or vice versa, enabling an effortless transition in

 depth of field.

For creativity and control, the HDR-FX1 camcorder allows users to define their own default settings through the Picture Profile function.

This function offers six different profiles that can be customized and taken advantage of, depending on the scene. Scenes may include a setting for

 filming sunsets, another for filming people, and another  for recording in black and white. And for ultimate control, the iris, gain, white balance,

shutter speed and focus can also be adjusted manually.

Additional features include:

  • InfoLithium® Battery with AccuPower System - The battery can be charged at any time as the rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries minimize

     life shortening "memory effect." Sony's exclusive AccuPower meter conveniently indicates the remaining minutes of battery life on the

    LCD or viewfinder display, allowing users to keep an accurate and  constant reading of remaining battery power.

  • i.LINK® Digital Video Interface - The i.LINK (IEEE 1394) DV interface is a high speed bi-directional digital video/audio communication between two devices

     equipped with a compatible i.LINK DV interface, including camcorders, digital VTRs and PCs.

Media Optimized for HDV Recordings

To complement the high-definition recording capabilities of the new HDR-FX1 camcorder, Sony is also introducing new HD DVC videotape, optimized to

meet the demanding requirements of 1080i high-definition recording and playback.

Sony HD DVC media utilizes a new, second-generation Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME II) technology, as well as improved quality control processes.

 The result is an improved drop-out rate, which translates into significantly higher reliability and audio/video stability, as well as a lower carrier-to-noise

 ratio for lower error rates, greater output and less noise during recording.

Sony HD DVC tape will be offered in the 63-minute professional tape length, which allows three minutes for recording tests.  The tape will be available soon. 




The Sony Handycam HDR-FX1/E employs Sony's highly advanced HD Codec Engine that efficiently compresses massive digital data using MPEG-2 compression, thereby maintaining optimal HD quality. Designed for reduced energy consumption, this powerful yet compact digital signal processor fits perfectly inside the streamlined body of the HDR-FX1/E. With the HD Codec Engine, Sony has made it possible for a consumer camcorder to record and playback clear digital HD images at the same rate as the DV format.

3HAD CCD for 1080i

Exclusive Sony technology has introduced the HAD (Hole-Accumulation Diode) sensor in the HDR-FX1/E. Its numerous features include an on-chip micro-lens and a CCD sensor that increases the light-focusing rate. Picture quality is greatly enhanced with this semi-conductor technology's newly developed 16:9 aspect and 1.12M total pixels (Super HAD CCD). And with the 3CCD Camera System, light that enters the lens is separated into the 3 primary colours of red, green and blue, which gives the digital HD images greater definition.

14-Bit HD DXP (Digital eXtended Processor)

This 14-BitAIDconverter that processes 4 times more digital information than conventional 12-Bit AID converters, gives sharper, richer, and more true-to-life HD images.

High Performance Wide Angle Lens

Through the use of Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens, warping, ghosting and unwanted flaring in picture image is reduced. With the lens, 32.5mm wide angle shots are also available with wider edges, answering the numerous wide-angle demands (16:9 aspect, 35mm film conversion) from the professional users. The camera also boasts.of an Optical12x Zoom lens and a low-degrading optical/active lens format with Super SteadyShot (optical image stabiliser) that responds to any kind of filming. It also has a non-perpetual Zoom Ring that comes close to the control of a professional camera.

Active Lens Image Stabilisation

The Active Lens Image Stabiliser function reduces unwanted blurring due to camera shake even before the camera's CCD captures the image. A built-in sensor detects the shaking, and automatically counters any blurring by moving the camera lens according to how the camera moves. This advanced optical adjustment system optimises picture sharpness with little or no image deterioration which usually happens with low light and telephoto situations.

Main Specifications

  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens .

  • F Value: 1.6 to 2.8

  • Optical Image Stabiliser: Active Lens 

  • Zoom: Switchable From Lever/Remote to Ring

  • Filter Diameter: 72mm

  • Zoom Rate: 12x (Optical)

  • Focus Distance: 1=4.5 to 54mm

  • 35mm Conversion:

  • 16:9 Aspect: 32.5mm to 390mm

  • 4:3 Aspect: 40mm to 480mm

Non-Perpetuating Zoom Ring

The HDR-FX1/E features a Zoom Ring that allows accurate and definitive zoom control according to your specified shooting angle.You can toggle the zoom function between the Zoom Ring, Zoom Lever and Remote. Control with the Zoom Switch on the side of the lens. A built-in encoder displays the current zoom position through limitation and focal distance indicators on the camera's LCD. Allowing you to find the most suitable shooting angle for the exact shot composition you want, this Zoom Ring gives you smoother and more precise zooming capability.


Switching Option Between HDV I DV Formats

Enjoy the freedom of choosing to record and playback, not only in HDV10aOi but also in the original DVSP/DVlP (Digital Video formats) as well. You can easily select the format you want with a touch of a button.

High Performance Down Conversion Function

SD TV users can also enjoy high image quality of the HD format with the High Performance Down Conversion Function. Mini DV tapes recorded with 720/30p on HDV720p specification can also be played back easily (component output only).


The New HDV Recording Medium

With the arrival of the HDR-FX1/E, Sony has developed a new Mini DV cassette for HDV recording. The new DVM63HD Mini DV casette features AME-II Evaporation Media Technology with high density and high performance Hyper Evaticle IV Magnetic Particles, resulting in enhanced picture clarity with superior image quality. This new Mini DV cassette also realises more stable tape running and playback performance and is excellent for long-term storage. It is highly recommended for use as a master tape for editing and HD video recording. Note: Standard Mini DV cassettes such as the Sony DVM60R3J can also be used with the HDR-FX1/E for HD video recording.

High Quality Stereo Microphone

The newly developed Wide Range Stereo Microphone uses digital signal processing and the HDR-FX1/E's streamlined shape to reduce wind noise and audio disturbances. Enjoy excellent sound quality with audio levels now directly adjustable through built-in Audio level Meters and control button right on the camera body.


Manual functions will now give you more control of the aesthetics of your visuals.


Shot Transition

This highly convenient function allows for a smooth automatic scene progression effortlessly. The settings for Focus, Zoom, Iris, Gain, Shutter, and White Balance can be set to the NB button and a smooth transition will take place according to the preset time. As the Iris facilitates a steady change in the depth of field, you can gradually shift you.r focus from the front of the screen to a deeper part of the screen in a seamless manner.


Picture Profile

This highly professional technical feature enables you to customise exposure settings like Iris and Aperture into memorised pre-set modes that you can apply instantly while shooting. Aside from some default settings for various shooting conditions, you can pre-set up to six Picture Profiles for specific situations, like low-light sunset scenes, or black-and-white retro treatments. Newly-added values like Colour Phase, Auto White Balance Sensitivity, Skin tone Detail, Auto Iris Limit, Cinematone GammaTM and Cine frameTM further optimise your control and creativity over your shots.


Cinematic Features for Professional Video Recording

Now, you can achieve the warm, soft and professional quality of a movie on the HDR-FX1/E with the addition of the Cinematone GammaTM and CineframeTM.

Cinematone GammaTM

To create a cinematic texture to your scenes, Cinematone GammaTM renders enhanced, fresh-looking skin tones through a natural half-tone recreation using the original tone and neutral colours. Extreme high-picture processing adds depth to the highlighted areas of a shot.


Cineframe TM

Impress your audience with these new advanced features that give a professional feel!


Cineframe 25 reproduces the 25 frames/second playback for crisp "TV commercial-like" quality.


Cineframe 24 reproduces the 24 frames/second playback for professional "film-like" quality.

Cineframe 30 reproduces the 30 frames/second playback for crisp "TV commercial-like" quality.

Convenient ManualFunctions

For the most demanding lighting conditions, the Sony HDR-FX1/E offers the ultimate control with its manual settings for Iris, Gain, White Balance and Shutter Speed. You can always save your shot even in challenging situations, and get more creative with them using this feature.


Manual Gain

During night shooting when the Iris adjustment range is maximised and the image is still too dark, Manual Gain improves the brightness of the picture. You can pre-assign Gainvalues through a Gain switch. Adjustments of 0/3/6/9/12/15/18dB is possible with each Gain switch (High/Medium/Low) and can be accessed as immediately as your shooting conditions change.


Manual White Balance

Manual White Balance allows you to capture images with natural colours without any specific colour bias. Strong sunlight, incandescent or fluorescent lighting tend to cast artificial colour tints into your view. Manual White Balance enhances the brightness of an image when the Iris adjustment range is maximised. A White Balance switch allows you to instantly shift to either of two White Balance settings. For instance, White Balance values for exterior daylight (5800K) and interior lighting (3200K)can be easily preset on the menu, and assigned to pre-set buttons on the camera, for immediate


Manual Iris

In low light settings, capturing clear shots can be difficult. By using the Manual Iris through the dedicated Iris Dial, you can adjust the amount of light that enters through the lens. This enables the camera to optimise the image. Brightness can be adjusted from F1.6 to F11 (24 steps). For your convenience, the Iris Dial can turn in either clockwise or counter clockwise direction when pre-assigned on the camera menu.


Assign Buttons

Enable you to easily activate a feature or an effect with the touch of a button. These programmable buttons allow you to automate a host of common functions that conveniently saves you time during shooting.

Manual Focus Ring

The Sony Handycam HDR-FX1/E has a Manual Focus Ring that allows you to be creative with focus, contrast and depth-of-field. Also useful for achieving perfect focus in low light situations, this feature gives you optimal sharpness in your shots.

Expanded Focus

As HD images have much higher resolution, focus is more critical to assure the sharpness of your image. The Expanded Focus function assists you in assessing the focus and sharpness of the shot better, by magnifying the centre area of the LCD Screen Viewfinder. Pressing the Expanded Focus button magnifies it to twice as large for five seconds before the screen returns to normal view. Pressing the Record Start/Stop button while the screen is magnified will release the magnification. Additionally, the screen is magnified for about two seconds when the Focus Ring is turned, and reverts to normal after the Focus Ring is released.


The Peaking function emphasises the outline or edges of the subject so the camera can optimise its focus on the subject.



When brightness in the screen surpasses a certain level, you can switch on the Zebra function. This feature displays a striped pattern with brightness percentage readings, which you can use to avoid overexposure. Zebra readings are useful for detecting unwanted flaring or whitewashed areas that may occur in uncontrollable situations. This allows you to adjust your aperture, gain, and shutter speed accordingly. The user can choose from settings from 70 to 100+ depending on the intensity of fluctuating brightness.


Designed for the professional in mind.

3.5-inch Wide Hybrid LCD Screen

A large 3.5-inch Wide Hybrid LCD Screen positioned on the top handle of the HDR-FX1IE allows flexible shooting positions, even with difficult angles, and in cramped locations. The Hybrid LCD gives a clear picture every time, whether you're indoors, or out in the sun.

Main Specifications

  • Size: 3.5-inch

  • 16:9 Wide Aspect Ratio

  • Number of Pixels: Approx. 250K dots (1120 x 224 dots)

  • Hybrid LCD

Large Colour Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)

With realised high definition approximating the resolution of the LCD Panel, the large D.5-inch,16:9 aspect EVF allows clear display of wide angle HD shots. Adjusting the eye piece enables a person with eye glasses to conveniently shoot through the EVF and the accompanying large eye cup provides superior light-exclusion for added precision.

Input/Output Connectors

A score of connector outlets are intuitively designed into the camera body to enable complete connectivity and convenient digital material transfer. You can output analog HD images using the dedicated Component Video Connector, and input or output DV and HDV signals as well, using the LLiNK (HDV/DV) Connector. This Handycam is also fitted with a LANC Connector, Headphone Connector, S Video Connector, and a Mic/Line Connector.


On Handle Zoom Lever

The Sony Handycam HDR-FX1/E is equipped with a very functional Handle Zoom Lever that allows flexible low- , angle filming and one-handed shooting. Aside from the zoom speed switch that shifts between High or Low speed, a Record Start/Stop button and a Hold Lever is also located on the Handle Zoom Lever.

Magnesium Alloy Body

The sturdy magnesium alloy body makes the HDR-FX1/E resistant to slight weather and shock elements associated with on-location filming and video shooting.


Status Check

Checking and adjusting each manual function in the menu can be time-consuming. The HDR-FX1/E comes with Status Check, which immediately checks on the settings of the Audio Status, Output Status, Assign Button Status, Picture Profile Status with the press of a button.


Automatic Exposure (AE) Response

The response speed for Automatic Exposure can be set to three levels (high, mid, low) to suit your preference. You can set the value to high to make the AE respond more quickly to the brightness of the objects. Brightness drift can also be reduced through AE by setting the value to low.


Centre Marker

The HDR-FX1/E features the Centre Marker, a useful function that is found in professional camcorders. Used as a guide, the Centre Marker is displayed on the screen when it is turned ON in the menu. It establishes the centre position of the object on the camera, matches the horizontal and vertical axis, and also confirms an offset optical axis


Flicker Reduction

Fluorescent lamps tend to flicker on the screen in regions where the electric cycle rate is 50Hz. This flicker is caused by the difference in the vertical scanning cycle of the camera and the brightness of the fluorescent lamps. On the HDR-FX1/E, setting the Flicker Reduction to ON will correct the flicker through the gain, and also reduces the bright flicker on the screen. Alternatively, for added effect, set the function to"OFF.



Sony   260707


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