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Sony HDV Camcorder HVR-Z1P

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Sony HVR-Z1P HDV Camcorder


Sony Three 1/3 inch CCD HDV Camcorder  P

Sony Introduces the First Complete HDV Professional Series to the HD World.
The Sony HVR-Z1 Pro HDV realized recording and playback through the HDV1080i specification, dealing the widely used 1080i video signal in TV broadcasting, among the HDV formats. HVR-Z1e
This  mades possible a clearer and smoother digital HD picture with 1440 x 1080 dots (conventional DV format: 720 x 480 dots)

Microphone is of optional item
above picture for illustration only




Order now with a free 30 days Trial version of
Sony Vega 6 - Editing Software
and HDV Demo Disc


Supplied Accessories
Optional Accessories

Supporting Software


   Our Special Offer    Sony HVR-Z1P Bundled with one of the following

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HVR-Z1P + Sony Super Cardioid Microphone   ECM-678

Value USD 550    
   Our Normal price    USD$5,080    
   Now Offer Price Less Than     USD$4,900  
   And Add Soft case EESC250(value USD 109) Less than


HVR-Z1P + Audio Techinca Broadcast & Production Microphone AT897

Value USD 260



  Now Special offer Less Than 




Sony HVR-Z1

less Than USD 4,360     Supplied Accessories 
(This makes the difference between our & others')

HVR-Z1 with Soft Case  EESC250

Less than  USD$4,459
(Soft case worth USD 99)


Rechargeable Battery Pack NP-F570  

Adaptor/ Quick Charger   AC-VQ850

Wireless Remote Commander 

Component Video Cable           

AV Connecting Cable                

Hood with a Lens Cap

Large Eye Cup

Shoe Adaptor

Carrying Belt

R6 (AA) batteries 2 pcs

Cleaning Tape

HDV 63Min Digital Master tape

Sony Trial version Vega 6 - Editing Software

HDV Demo Disc


HVR-Z1 with KATA Bag MC60

USD 4,800      

6. HVR-Z1 with Wide angle lens VCL-HG0872    less than USD$4,830

Sony Soft Ware Vegas+DVD

less than  USD 830
8. Sony HVR-M25 HDV VTR

Less than USD$3,200

9. Sony HVR-M15 HDV VTR

less than USD$ 2,120




   Learn more about HDV 

   Advantages of HDV 


Recommended Optional Accessories   HVRZ1E

Sennheiser wireless


Sony Super Cardioid microphone

Broadcast &

Wide Angle
MattBox with
16: 9 Mask

EW 112-P G2

ME 66 with K6





US$ 485

Less than US$ 430


US$ 550

Below  US$ 260

US$ 420

0.8 Wide
Lens with
Lens Hood

US$ 1690




MattBox Kit "C-72SF" Matt Box Kit  "WS-SF" Kit "E2" with optional Side Flag

Kit "C-72SF".......................... Item #0200-1072
For all 72mm threaded cameras.
This kit consists of:
-DV mattebox MB-200, with special 4"x4" Aluminum filter frames
 (#0310-0011) for this camera  ..  Item #0200-0300
-Step down adapter ring 105mm to M72.
          ..........................................  Item #0250-0140
-DV french flag ...........................  Item #0250-0020

For better support and safety for your camera, we recommend using a 15mm mattebox support.
This support has a flat base and allows the use on all tripods.
Only if a wide-angle converter is used on the Camcorder , the MB-250 mattebox is needed.
Kit "WS-SF", .......................... Item #0250-1100.
For Sony HVR-Z1U / HDR-FX1 (HDV) with or without wide-angle converter.
This kit consists of:
-DV mattebox MB-250, with French flag and special 4"X4" filter frames (#0310-0011)
for this camera. ....................   Item #0200-0250.
-Flexible adapter ring kit. ......  Item #0320-0010.
-Bars adapter DVMB MKII. ..... Item #0250-0150.
-Mattebox support MBS-100 Type “G3”. With integrated shoulder bracket. .. Item #0350-0012

Optional Side Flag

Less Than USD890 Less than USD1370 USD320

Digital Master
Anton Bauer   ElipZ 10k

Battery Pack

LED Battery
Video Light

Video Light

Ultra lightweight Professional Backpack

Soft carrying










For Professional use
Designed for HDV 63min

Less Than USD$335
Anton Bauer ElipZ 10k Under Camera Mounted Battery Kit- for Sony HVR-Z1U Camera
Under Camera Mounted Battery Kit- for Sony HVR-Z1 Camera 7.2 VDC, 75 Watt Hour, Lithium Ion, Charger and Cable

US$ 145

less than US$580


US$ 99

Less than
US$ 138

US$ 119





5 pcs Pack
below US$75

5 pcs Pack  US$99  

10 pcs Pack US$195            

Camcorder Support System

Camcorder Support System





PAG Orbitor


Pro 5

Pro 6





US$590 US$790

US$ 395

US$ 179





Rain Jacket

Remote Controller

Rain Jacket






Lumiere HD


US$ 145


USD 175




Recommended Software
if you working with Apple cut pro, find out more .. Click here







More Optional Accessories    

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Expandore offer the following Editing software to support HDV Please E mail us for price






 Apple Final Cut Studio Apple Final Cut Pro HD  Apple Logic Pro 7  Apple Shake 3.5

Apple Motion


Apple DVD Studio Pro 3

Sony Vegas+DVD Professional HD Video, Audio and DVD Creation

Canpous EDIUS NX for HDV



Lumiere HD


Canopus  Apple  Lumiere  Sony Vegas

  The Sony HVR-Z1 HDV camcorder offers three selectable recording and playback format including HDV 1080i, DVCAM and DV that meet the professionals' needs. Add to this, the on-board down conversion to output SD or HD signals greatly enhance the production flexibility. The HDV professional camcorder and VTR also support switchable 50i/60i PAL/NTSC recording and playback.
The HDV professional series features simple connectivity with i.LINK based editing infrastructures, the format is rapidly gaining support from leading NLE and software developers including Adobe, Avid, Apple, Canopus, Pinnacle System, Sobey, Ulead and Vegas 5®.
The new camcorder uses three Super HAD, 1/3-inch, 16:9 native CCDs. Combined with a 12X Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar® T* Lens and Sony's new 14-bit A/D with Digital Extended Processor (DXP), the HVR-Z1's advanced CCD design allows more light to reach each pixel in the imager, improving the signal-to-noise ration and sensitivity. The 2-Channel audio XLR inputs with independent adjustment of inputs levels for each audio channel and the 3.5-inch hybrid LCD panel for a clear picture viewing under bright lighting conditions are ideal features for professional users.



DVCAM Support / HVR-Z1P hvr-z1p
The DVCAM™ and DV formats are supported by the HVR Series to offer full backward compatibility with the standard definition DV world. Users can also select 16:9 and 4:3 modes both for DVCAM and DV operation.

60i/50i Switchable / HVR-Z1P HVR-Z1P hvrz1p
The HVR-Z1 is unique in its ability to record HDV and DVCAM images at 60i, 50i,-in either SD or HD. Switchable 60i/50i allows professional users to create their content on a worldwide basis, not having two separate camcorders with two different versions.


Color Correction
The Color Correction function allows users to adjust the color of a target object without affecting the color of other objects. This feature can be used to create special effects, for example, showing the color of a red apple only on B&W picture. Up to two colors can be selected as target colors and each can be controlled in terms of color phase, color phase width and color gain as well as skin color.

Versatile Timecode/Userbit Operation
Timecode/Userbit Preset function allows any time to be selected as a starting timecode. Also, "DF" or "NDF," "Rec Run" or "Free Run" and "Regenerate" or "Preset" can be selected for the timecode operation.


Multiple Assign Button Functions / HVR-Z1P
The HVR-Z1 has six assign buttons compared to three buttons on the HDR-FX1. Functions such as "AE Override," "White Balance Shift for Outdoor," "Hyper Gain," and "All Scan Mode" are also featured on the assignable menu. "Back Light," "Spot Light" and "Rec Review" are also on the assignable menu.


Viewfinder B/W and Color Selectable
The user can operate the viewfinder in color or in black-and-white.


Simultaneous Operation of LCD panel and Viewfinder / HVR-Z1P
The camcorder's LCD panel and viewfinder can be operated simultaneously. "LCD panel" or "VF turn on" can be selected through the "VF Power" menu. If "Auto" is selected, the viewfinder will turn on only when the LCD panel is closed, and if "On" is selected, both LCD panel and Viewfinder will be operating.


All Scan Mode
"All Scan Mode" is similar to the "Under Scan Mode" of other high-end camcorders. This feature is useful when checking image quality for Web applications. However, unlike the "Under Scan Mode" of other high-end camcorders, the HV blanking area is not displayed.


Auto Exposure Override
While in the Auto Iris mode, AE can be shifted by using Iris dial. This allows the user to adjust Iris easily (or Gain if Gain is set to Auto).


Black Stretch
Black Stretch function raises only the black portion of an image to broaden dynamic range.


4:3 Output
The HVR-Z1 offers several features useful for videographers who also need to output 4:3 images. The converted SD output (i.LINK® Output, S-Video Output or Composite Output) can be connected to compatible SD devices. If the monitor is 4:3, "Letter Box" can be selected and if the monitor is 16:9, "Squeeze" can be selected.


Edge Crop at 4:3
Unique to the HVR-Z1 is the "Edge Crop" mode. This mode is ideal for 4:3 shooting and unlike "Letter Box" or "Squeeze," "Edge Crop" can provide a normal picture that will fill a 4:3 screen. For supporting this function, a viewfinder/LCD panel 4:3 safety marker is added by selection in the Marker Select Menu.


  HVD-Z1 PAL  

Overview of HVR-Z1P

World World’’s first HDV1080i standard camcorder for personal use

HDV standards make possible the recording and playback of HD images on DV tapes.

Employs the first HDV1080i specification for personal use.

- Recording and playback through the HDV1080i specification

- HDV/DV switching system, High performance down conversion function


Basic Functions of HVD-Z1P

Basic technology that enables clear image recording

- Newly-developed wide CCD

- Real time HD codec engine (Tentative name)

- Carl Zeiss Lens (Vario-Sonnar T*)

- Large diameter 72mm, wide angle of view 32.5mm

And more!


Numerous manual functions

Functions that satisfy even the most demanding photographer

- Shot Transition

- Picture Profile (Cinematone Gamma, Cineframe)

- Assign button

And more!


Design, Control

Body designed to improve control and reliability

- 3.5-inch hybrid LCD, positioned on top and in front of handle

- Handle zoom lever

- STMANINA: Extra long battery life of 6 hours 25 minutes for extra shooting time

And more!


Main Features of HVR-Z1P

  • 3x 1/3-inch Super HAD CCD for 1080iTM (16:9)
  • Selectable 50i/60i PAL/NTSC
  • Selectable HDV/ DVCAM/ DV recording and playback
  • 14-Bit HD DXP (Digital eXtrended Processor) that processes 4 times more digital information than conventional 12-Bit A/D converters, gives sharper, richer, and more true-to-life HD images
  • High performance Carl ZeissTM wide angle lens (Ø72mm 12x zoom)
  • Non-Perpetuating Zoom Ring that allows accurate and definitive zoom control according to your specified shooting angle
  • 3.5-inch 16:9 Wide Hybrid LCD Screen gives a clear picture whether you’re indoors or out in the sun
  • Provide Audio XLR inputs for connecting professional microphones or for feeding an external audio source
  • Built-in down conversion to SD signals
  • CineframeTM and Cinematone GammaTM for achieving the warm, soft and professional quality of a movie
  • Convenient manual functions for Iris, Gain, White Balance and Shutter Speed
  • i.LINK-based editing infrastructure that is gaining support from leading NLE and software developers
  • Supplied quick charger / AC adaptor


Other Winning Features of HVR-Z1P :

  • Microphone Input Setting
  • Setup Level Select
  • AF Assist
  • External Rec Control
  • White Balance Outdoor Level Shift
  • Hyper Gain
  • All Display Off
  • Quick Rec
  • Numerical Value Display of Zoom Ratio
  • Selectable Peaking Level & Colour
  • Expanded Focus Off Mode
  • Safety Zone & 4:3 Marker
  • Date Rec
  • Audio Monitoring Select
  • Audio Limiter
  • Audio Noise Reduction
  • Wind Noise Reduction
  • Sensitivity Select on Built-in Microphone
  • 2-mode Cinematone Gamma
  • Shot Transition Start Timer
  • Skintone Level Control
  • 480p Output (on analogue component)
  • Smooth On-handle Zoom
  • Audio Output Level Select
  • 2-mode Colour Bars
  • Hours Meter
  • AC Adaptor/Charger (AC-VQ850) supplied as standard


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             What Are The Differences Between HDR-FX1E And HVR-Z1P ?

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