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Sony BP-L90A

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack


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Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack

BPL90A BP-L90A BP-L90  


  • *High capacity lithium-ion battery *No "Memory Effect"

  • *Built-in LED capacity indicator for a quick visual check of the remaining charge *V-shoe attachment for quick and easy battery change

Optional Accessories
BC-L120 Lithium-ion Battery Charger
BC-M50 Battery Charger


Type of battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable
Maximum voltage: 16.8 V
Nominal voltage: 14.4 V
Current capacity: 90 Wh
Cell capacity: 8.1 Ah
Operating temperature: -20C to +45C (-4F to +113F)
Dimensions: 101(W)  168.7(H)  60(D) mm (4  6 3/4  2 3/8 inches)

Mass: 1300 g (2 lb 14 oz)





Applicable Models
BVM-D9H1E Color Video Monitor
BVM-D9H1U Color Video Monitor
BVM-D9H5E Color Video Monitor
BVM-D9H5U Color Video Monitor
BVW-D600 Betacam SP Camcorder
BVW-D600P Betacam SP Camcorder
CA-701 Camcorder Adaptor
CA-702 Camcorder Adaptor
CA-702P Camcorder Adaptor
DNV-5 Betacam SX Recorder Unit
DNW-7 Betacam SX Camcorder
DNW-7P Betacam SX Camcorder
DNW-90 Betacam SX Camcorder
DNW-90P Betacam SX Camcorder
DNW-90WS Betacam SX Camcorder
DNW-90WSP Betacam SX Camcorder
DNW-9WS Betacam SX Camcorder
DNW-9WSP Betacam SX Camcorder
DNW-A220 Betacam SX Portable Editor
DNW-A220P Betacam SX Portable Editor
DNW-A225 Betacam SX Portable Editor
DNW-A225P Betacam SX Portable Editor
DNW-A25 Betacam SX Portable Editing Recorder
DNW-A25P Betacam SX Portable Editing Recorder
DSR-1 Dockable Recorder
DSR-1P Dockable Recorder
DSR-250 DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-250P DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-300AK DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-300AL DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-300APK DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-300APL DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-300K Digital Camcorder
DSR-300L Digital Camcorder
DSR-300PK Digital Camcorder
DSR-300PL Digital Camcorder
DSR-370K1 DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-370K2 DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-370L DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-370PK1 DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-370PK2 DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-370PL DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-50 Portable Recorder
DSR-500WSL DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-500WSPL DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-50P Portable Recorder
DSR-570WSL DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-570WSPL DVCAM Camcorder
DSR-70 Portable Editing Recorder
DSR-70A Portable Editing Recorder
DSR-70AP Portable Editing Recorder
DSR-70P Portable Editing Recorder
DVW-250 Digital BETACAM Portable VTR
DVW-250P Digital BETACAM Portable VTR
DVW-707 Digital BETACAM Camcorder
DVW-707P Digital BETACAM Camcorder
DVW-709WS Digital BETACAM 16:9/4:3 Switchable Camcorder
DVW-709WSP Digital BETACAM 16:9/4:3 Switchable Camcorder
DVW-790WS Digital BETACAM 16:9/4:3 Switchable Camcorder
DVW-790WSP Digital BETACAM 16:9/4:3 Switchable Camcorder
DXC-D35H 3-chip Color Video Camera
DXC-D35K 3-chip Color Video Camera
DXC-D35L 3-chip Color Video Camera
DXC-D35PH 3-chip Color Video Camera
DXC-D35PK 3-chip Color Video Camera
DXC-D35PL 3-chip Color Video Camera
DXC-D35WSL 3-chip Color Video Camera
DXC-D35WSPL 3-chip Color Video Camera
HDW-750 HDCAM Camcorder
HDW-750CE HDCAM Camcorder
MSW-900 MPEG IMX Camcorder
MSW-900P MPEG IMX Camcorder
PVM-5041Q Color Video Monitor
PVM-6041QM Color Video Monitor
PVM-8042Q Color Video Monitor
PVM-8045Q Color Video Monitor
PVM-9042QM Color Video Monitor
PVM-9045QM Color Video Monitor

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