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Video LIght

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Unomat DC Video Light
Standard DC Video Light
Videoline Accu Video Light
Module System Video Light
Unomat Powered Video Light
 Video Light with Rechargeable Battery
   UNOMAT DC Video Light
UNOMAT -  Standard DC Video Light

Highlight 20 (Flash only)


Highlight 35 (Flash only)


Highlight 50 (Flash only)


DC 220SP Set 20W/6V


DC 220SP (Flash only)

DC 350SP Set 35W/6V


DC 350SP (Flash only)

DC 20S Set 20W/6V


DC 20S (Flash only)


DC 35S Set 35W/6V


DC 35S (Flash only)

DC 50S Set 50W/6V


DC 50S (Flash only)

DC 2020 Set 20/40/W/6V



FL 2040 Set 20W/6V

FL 4040 Set 40W/6V

TRIPLO Set 20/40W/6V


QUATTRO Set 10/30/40W/6V


   UNOMAT DC Video Light    
UNOMAT -  Videoline Accu Video Light

DC 505SP Set 20W/6V

DC 707SP Set 35W/6V

DC 909SP Set 45W/6V


DC 30S (Wide-angle) 15W/6V


DC 30S Servo 15W/6V

DC 40S  (Wide-angle) 20W/6V

DC 100S  100W/6V

   UNOMAT DC Video Light    
UNOMAT -  Module System Video Light


DC 3000 Set 20W/6V


DC 4000 Set 20W/6V

   UNOMAT Battery - Powered Video Light
UNOMAT -  100W/12V  Video Light with Rechargable Battery

VL 100

100W/12V (with battery & charger)

LX 800 DC

100W/12V ( W/O battery & charger)



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