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Introduce MACK Extended Warranty program


Mack Warranty Service  
What is Covered?
Worldwide Coverage
How to Send Equipment for Service
Repair outside USA
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Warranty Service
MACK extended warranty program is designed to provide you with additional coverage for manufacturer defects. Whether it be Murphy's Law or just "luck", electrical malfunctions seem to take place the day after the Manufacturer Warranty expires. The Mack Camera Extended Warranty offers you that peace of mind for those unexpected malfunctions and costly repairs.

When you purchase a Mack Camera Extended Warranty, you are truly making a smart investment for your equipment. Mack Camera and Video Service, established in 1938, has been a leading repair center in the Tri-State area for over 60 years. MACK currently service equipment ranging from 35mm Cameras to Digital Video Equipment, PDA's, DVD Players, Televisions, VCR's and Laptop Computers. MACK's repair facility is factory authorized for manufacturer warranty repairs and  technicians are factory trained to repair your equipment to manufacturer specifications. By working with Mack Camera and Video Service you are investing in a customized repair and service program for your new equipment.

Please note, a Mack Camera Worldwide Extended Warranty must be purchased within the first 30 days of the purchase of your equipment. If you should require service under your warranty plan, you will be required to provide a dated proof of purchase for your equipment and the extended warranty plus your warranty registration number. Please be sure to retain all copies for your records!

* Covers professional equipment up to US$5,000.00.


Warranty Service
What is Covered?

Your Mack Camera Extended Warranty covers manufacturer defects that can result in the loss of operation to your equipment. The Mack Camera Extended Warranty will cover parts and labor for the life of the Extended Warranty plan at no additional charge to you, truly making this Extended Warranty a smart investment for your equipment.

Please remember, this warranty does not cover equipment which has been misused, tampered with, modified or damaged as a result of accident, liquid, grit, impact or lack of proper care as indicated in the manual of operations. Accessories are not covered under the terms of the warranty.

Register Warranty Online

Warranty Service
Worldwide Coverage

The advantage of the Mack Camera Worldwide Extended Warranty is the opportunity for worldwide service. They will honor your Mack Camera Extended Warranty where ever you are in the world!!! From North America to Asia, you are protected from any out of pocket expenses you may incur due to manufacturer defects of your equipment.

PRIOR to having equipment serviced at an international factory service center, please email for a service authorization number. In the email, please provide MACK with your Name, Warranty Number, Make and Model of your equipment and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. You will receive an authorization number for service via email. It's that easy!!

How to Send Equipment for Service

How to send your equipment in for service:
1.Write a brief letter clearly explaining the trouble you are having with your unit. Be sure to include your Name, shipping address, telephone number and email.
2.Include a copy of your sales invoice and Mack Extended Warranty Number
3.DO NOT include any accessories– AC Adapters, Remote Controls, Media Cards, lens caps, straps, batteries, software, unexposed film, tapes, etc.  Exception:  When sending in a laptop computer, please include the AC adapter. Do not send in any other cables or attachments.
4.Please include a check for return shipping. (Prices are for Continental United States, please call for shipping costs outside the US.)

35mm Cameras and Lenses $10.00 Digital Still Cameras $10.00
Digital/Video Cameras $20.00 Computers $35.00
PDA $15.00 Audio (under $300) $10.00
DVD / VCR $20.00 Audio $20.00
Fax/Printer/Scanner $20.00 Home Theater Component $20.00

5.Ship package to:
Mack Camera and Video Service
200 Morris Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07081

Before you send in your equipment, please write down your Model Number and Serial Number for future reference.

Shipping Tips
These tips will help ensure that your product is handled safely and securely as it is shipped. Please be aware that Mack Camera is not responsible for any impact/shipping damage that occurs during the shipping process, and we will not accept any packages that appear dented or destroyed as a result of shipping. Please be sure to pack your item as safely as possible:

Recommended Shipping Instructions
- Ship your product in a corrugated cardboard box.
- Secure your equipment in at least 4-5 inches of thick bubble wrap and be sure the equipment cannot move freely in the box. Do not use newspaper to secure your equipment!!!
- Mack Camera highly recommends that you have your package insured by your carrier/postal service when you ship it. This may already be included in your shipping charge; check with your carrier.
- We also recommend you use a shipping carrier that provides package tracking such as UPS or FedEx. This will ensure that your package will arrive at its destination.

What is a UPS Call Tag?
A UPS call tag is a free shipping label which will be issued to you via mail or online. Free shipping labels are provided to MACK's customers with Warranties for Digital Still, Digital Video or VCR/DVD players. For more information on how to obtain a UPS Call tag, please email MACK at


International Service Center

If you are outside the United States and need to have your equipment serviced under your Mack Camera Extended warranty, please follow these instructions for obtaining service.

Repairs must be completed at a manufacturer authorized service center in your area.

1. Send an email to: International Service Center Request –

2. Mack Camera will email an authorization number for the repair

3. You will receive an estimate for the repair from the service center.
To avoid delay in having repairs approved, please forward the detailed estimate to our warranty department either by e-mail at or fax at (973) 467-2590.

The estimate should include a detailed description of what will be repaired, including part numbers and the reason for the repair.  YOU MUST HAVE MACK CAMERA APPROVAL ON ESTIMATES PRIOR TO ANY WORK BEING DONE.

Per the terms of the warranty, customers will be reimbursed for repairs on manufacturer defects only.

Please note, your extended warranty does not cover products that have been tampered with by unauthorized persons, misused, neglected, or damaged (i.e. impact, sand, or liquid). Accessories are not covered unless otherwise specified in the Mack Extended Warranty plan. Accessories include, but are not limited to, external flashes, data backs (which are not built into the equipment), batteries, loss of film (or tapes), lens caps, rear caps, filters, ac adapters or other external cords. Please refer to the individual Warranty Plan you wish to purchase for complete list of coverage terms.


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