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Protective Carry Solutions

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KATA Product  
Professional Camcorder Cases Camcorder Rain Covers Audio Solutions
DV Camcorder Cases Monitor Cases Presentation & Laptop Cases
Mini DV Camcorder Cases Portable Editor Cases Pouches
Camera Sling Carriers Lighting Cases General Accessories
Camcorder Backpacks and Waistpacks Camera Support Cases  
Camera Gloves Production Cases  

KATA Professional Camcorder Cases



CCC-1 MCC-2 TCCT      

USD 267

USD 320

USD 327

KATA DV Camcorder Cases





CCC-10 EXO-33 TOPIC-10 MC-60      SHELL-03      CCC-101

USD 290
USD 125
USD 94
USD 76





USD 89

KATA Mini DV Camcorder Cases

EXO-12 EX-O7 C-56 C-58 EGG-2001 EGG-2002
EXO12 EXO7 C56 C58 EGG2001 EGG2002


P-32 P-34 P-36 P-38    
P32 P34 P36 P38    

KATA Camera Sling Carriers

S-308 S-312 T-212 SLING-DU-1 H-12  
  S308 S312 T212 SLINGDU1 SLINGDU-1 SLING H12  

KATA Camcorder Backpacks and Waistpacks

Grizzly-3 Grizzly KIT BP-502 Panda R-102 W-92



Teddy-2 R-103        
USD 127

KATA Camera Gloves

CG-1 CG-2 CG-3 CG-4 CG-5 CG-6


CG-7 CG-8 CG-9 CG-10    

KATA Camcorder Rain Covers

Studio Rain Cover RC-OB RC-5"VFP RC-5"VFS SPS RC-1

RC-10 CRC-11 CRC-13 CRC-14 CRC-15 CRC-18
USD 80

KATA Monitor Cases



Momo 1 Momo-2-B LCM-1      

KATA Portable Editor Cases



PEC-10 PEC-1 PEC-2      

KATA Lighting Cases

Palms-1 Palms-2 Multilong-1 Hexabag-1 Hexabag-2 Hexabag-3


Maze-1 Maze-2 Maze-3 Maze-4    

KATA Camera Support Cases

Tripoaction-41 Tripoaction-42 Triposoft-1 Triposoft-2 Triporigid-1 Triporigid-2

KATA Production Cases

ADB-2 Nana-10 Banana-1 Banana-2 Banana-3  

KATA Audio Solutions

Sundo-1 Sundo-2 Koala-1 Koala-2 Koala-3 Panda-402

KATA Presentation & Laptop Cases

LAB PAB F-417 EXO-33 TOPIC-10  
    F417 EXO33 TOPIC10  

KATA Pouches

MPS Tool Pouch Brick Pouch Padded Zip Pouch Mixer Pouch Double Elastic Pouch
Cell Phone Pouch Small Cell Phone Pouch Vertical Pouch Accordion Pouch Neck Mic Pouch Zip-3
Cable Holders          

KATA General Accessories

Insertrolley Modi-Verse 10 Modi-Verse 20 Filter Sleeve 43 Filter Sleeve 62 Filter Sleeve 82

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