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Protective Carry Solutions

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KATA Protective Carry Solutions
Production Cases


Advanced Duffel Bag
For an assortment of production accessories

  • 2 Delrin-rod reinforced arcs maintained the shape of the bag while allowing it to be very lightweight with no need for foam padding.

  • Full diagonal quick opening while creating a 180 degree approach to the interior and its contents.

  • Arrange Modi-Vers dividers to fit your needs and equipment.

  • High capacity low profile side pockets stay flat when not in use.

  • External full length roomy side pockets.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):66 x 25 x 30 (cm)

  • Weight:1.3kg, 2.86lbs
    Our Price:US$190.00



Ergonomic Shoulder Case
For an assortment of production accessories

  • This roomy well padded production case includes: main compartment, large exterior front pocket, curved side pouches and two tripod connectors.

  • Modi-Vers dividers for custom fit - attache to Yelloop interior.

  • Ergonomic shoulder case is shapely curved to fit the human frame and to insure the centre of gravity is close to the carrier's body.

  • A general buckle allows you quick closing without having to zip up first. The flap opens away from the body in carrying mode.

  • MUX connecting system provides additional storage solutions such as the EXO-POUCHES or the EGG-2001.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 32 x 21 x 20 (cm)

  • Weight:1.9kg, 4.2lbs
    Our Price:US$158.00


Banana-2, Banana-3

Banana1 Banana2 Banana3

Protective Production Case
For an assortment of production accessories

  • Banana is a heavy-duty well padded protective production case, built to hold a variety of equipment. Tehh case is available in 3 sizes respectively as Banana-1 (Small), Banana-2 (medium) and Banana-3 (large).

  • Ergonomic shapes provides comfort when carrying heavy loads by bringing the center of gravity closer to the body.

  • Has interlocking handles.

  • Use tripod connectors on top of the bag to carry a tripod.

  • Banana-1: trolley slides thru the pocket sleeve.

  • Banana 2 & 3: trolley slides thru the bottom sleeve.

  • It has deep roomy interior. Modi-Vers divider system can be used to adjust the interior space.
    - Banana-1: 1 divider
    - Banana-2 & 3: 2 divider

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    - Banana-1: 45 x 20-23 x 27 (cm)
    - Banana-2: 55 x 30-23 x 27 (cm)
    - Banana-3: 60 x 34-30 x 30 (cm)

  • Weight:
    - Banana-1: 2.9kg, 6.4lbs
    - Banana-2: 3.5kg, 7.7lbs
    - Banana-3: 4.4kg, 9.7lbs
    Our Price:Banana-1:US$331.00

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