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PAG Camcorder Support System
PAG Orbitor PAG X1

PAG DV System

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PAG Orbitor
The new PAG Orbitor Camcorder Support System provides the following features and benefits:
  • Balanced and stable shooting platform.
  • Reduces fatigue on long shoots.
  • 3-axis control lets you pan, tilt and roll, smoothly.
  • Camera feels weightless and control is effortless.
  • Allows a wide range of shooting techniques.
  • Shoot at right-angles to your body, in a car or on a narrow staircase.
  • Hands free resting is possible between shots.
  • Fully-adjustable for any operator.
  • Fully-adjustable for any camcorder.
  • Quick release camera plate.
  • Suspension rod absorbs camera shake.
  • Adjustable shoulder assembly incorporates high-quality leather pad.
  • Shoulder straps are secured to a waist belt, maintaining the ideal position during use.
  • Tough but lightweight construction (only 2.65kg without counterbalance).
  • Disassembles quickly.
  • Compact, professional bag available*.
  • Professional accessories such as remote controls and LCD monitors can be clamped to the structure*.
  • Power the Paglight M and camcorder with 12V to 14.8V PAGlok batteries (via DC Adaptor)*.
  • Power the Paglight C6 and camcorder with C6 PowerPack (via DC Adaptor)*.

How does Orbitor work with Panasonic AG-HVX200







PAG Orbitor

The PAG Orbitor is designed to disassemble quickly, into easily transportable parts, that pack away neatly into a compact and lightweight soft-bag, available as an optional extra. The bag contains ample space for accessories, such as batteries and camera lights.

Adjustable Shoulder Pad Assembly

The position of the shoulder pad assembly can be adjusted to fit any operator, and features a cushioned shoulder pad, encased in top-quality leather, to provide the maximum comfort during use. Adjustable straps secure the shoulder pad assembly to the waist belt, and maintain the ideal shoulder position in use.

Suspended Animation
The telescopic suspension rod provides support and fluid-control of the camera. It slots into a belt-mounted support pad. The suspension rod assists greatly with extreme tilting shots, absorbs potential camera shake on tracking shots, and enables ‘hands-free’ resting between shots.

PAG Orbitor Advanced Camcorder Support System
(includes counterbalance weight).

Weight: 2.65kg (3.9kg with weight)

How does Orbitor work with Panasonic AG-HVX200



Model : 2002
PAG Orbitor


PAG X1 Camcorder Support System

This simplified, single-handed version, distributes the weight of the camcorder comfortably between the arm and the shoulder, and provides a stable shooting platform.

It is possible to zoom and frame with one hand whilst supporting the camcorder with the other. The rod and clamp mechanism enables tilting and panning shots to be executed smoothly and without camera shake.

An additional means of support is provided by a stabilising rod that descends to a stomach pad. This is a useful accessory that can be added to the configuration.
PAG Orbitor   PAG X1   PAG X1

How does Orbitor work with Panasonic AG-HVX200

Applicable to the following models:


Model : 2001 PAG X1


PAG X1 Camcorder Support System
(includes counterbalance weight).

1.8kg (3.05kg with weight)


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