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LCD Projectors Competitive Price ... Only Available From Expandore Enterprise


Major Exporter of Panasonic LCD Data /Video Projector from Singapore

We ship /export Video Presentation equipment like LCD projector /Portable LCD Projector worldwide, and maintain sufficient stock to meet your demand and sales. If you are the importer /re-exporter /reseller or planning to import on your own as a end user then you may find us the best fit. For urgent supply , we may arrange with express courier companies like FEDEX , UPS or other company as determined by you. Our supply don't stop here , we will help to monitor your shipment as well.  We are a reliable distributor ,exporter and stockist .


Simple, Smart, Stylish, Best tool for Video Presentation

  • One-touch Auto Setup with digital keystone correction

  • Extra Short-throw lens allows display of larger images in smaller rooms

  • Quiet fans (28dB) and 4,000-hour lamp life * in low power mode

  • Index windows makes presentations easier to understand

  • SD Memory Card support for convenient PC-free presentation** for the PT-L702DE only

Projector Throw Distance Calculator
Panasonic LCD Projectors   ( Click to view catalogue )

                  PAL / PAL-M/PAL-N / SECAM / NTSC / M-NTSC     View image

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  Model ANSI lumens


Other features

   PT-AE200 Catalogue 700 Home Cinema Projector

 700 : 1 contrast ratio  

   PT-AE300 Catalogue 800 Home Cinema Projector

 800 : 1 contrast ratio   

   PT-LC56E 1600  

Micro Portable SVGA LCD Projector

   PT-L76E 1600  

Micro Portable XGA LCD Projector

 PT-LC75E  1200  XGA (UXGA max.)  400 : 1 contrast ratio
 PT-LC55E  1200  SVGA (SXGA max.)  500 : 1 contrast ratio
 PT-L520 2000  SVGA ( SXGA max)  300: 1 contrast ratio
   PT-L720E 2200  XGA (UXGA max.)  400 : 1 contrast ratio  
 PT-L730NTE 2200  XGA (UXGA max )  400 : 1 contrast ratio
 PT-L6500E 3600  XGA (VGA-UXGA) BriteOptic Conference Projectors
 PT-L6600E 3600  SXGA (VGA-UXGA) BriteOptic Conference Projectors
 PT-D8500E 7000  XGA (VGA-UXGA) This model is not equipped with a lens
 PT-D9500E 10000

True XGA (1024 x 768) upto UXGA ( 1600 x 1200) resizing

The following models have been discontinued  



 PT-L702SDE  1200  XGA (UXGA max.)  SD memory card support  Catalogue
 PT-L502E    1200  SVGA (SXGA max.)  200 : 1 contrast ratio
 PT-L512E   1500  SVGA ( SXGA max.)  350 : 1 contrast ratio
 PT-L712E   1600  XGA (UXGA max.)  400 : 1 contrast ratio     Catalogue
 PT-L720 2200  SXGA  (UXGA max)  
 PT-L759VE 2400  XGA (UXGA max.)  RGB 1024 x 768 pixels
 PT-L759XE 3100  XGA (UXGA max.)  RGB 1024 x 768 pixels
 PT-AE100  Catalogue 700  Home Cinema Projector  500 : 1 contrast ratioWeight 2.7kg /Wide (16:9) Panel

Other Available models please e-mail for detail

    PT-L712NTE     PT-D8600      PT-D9600

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All products made in Japan .Panasonic is the brand name of Matsushita Electric 


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